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Can just ANYONE be a Scout or Adult Scouter?

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Way back when, to be a BOY Scout, one had to be a young male human. Depending on the favor of the sponsoring institution, his religion, skin color and ethnicity might be considered in that formula.

If the kid was NOT a young male human to start with,  they might go to the Girl Scouts for consideration.  See above addendums for further consideration. 

Times have changed.  Society has changed, some might say not all for the better.  

At least for the BS of A, if I interpret the rules correctly, the minimum requirement to be a Scout is to be a breathing young human.  Period.  For the Girl Scouts of the US of A, one must still admit to being a young female of the species., males need not apply.    Color of skin?  not a consideration in either organization.  Religion of choice?  Again, not a consideration except to the sponsoring institution. They can still say "you might want to go to another church/mosque/synagogue".  Ethnicity?  I hope not a consideration now, either officially or informally . Citizenship?   Nope.  I know a Troop that has an active young Scout whose family is Armenian, and they will be going home to Armenia  in due course. 

The nascent Scout is strongly urged and asked to live his/her life according to a promise and set of rules.   Us ole' timers try and provide opportunities for these future citizens to practice these rules in outdoorsy activities and other places.   That's our job.

Past mistakes?  Yep.  Learn from them?  We can only hope. Help the victims injured by these mistakes?  Absolutely. By so doing the BSA and GSUSA show their resolve to  be the moral  leaders they claim to be. 

Now, can we answer the original question?  Yes and no.   Not everyone  can be a Scout or Scouter.   Not every young person has that opportunity.  I won't try to list all the possible  obstacles  and reasons.   Not everyone can be an adult Scouter.  Again, many reasons for not being one.   BUT....

There is no modern reason why any breathing human being could not try to fulfill the vicissitudes of being a Scout. If they want to. 

The next question is. . .  do WE want them to?   

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I've often heard that the key requirement to bring a leader is the desire to lead.  The key requirement to bring a servant is a desire to serve.  

So, I think the key requirement to being a Scout or Scouter is a desire to be one.  That seems an appropriate requirement to me.  If you desire to join the movement and adhere to the principles in it, we welcome you.  (That of course excludes the folks who are excluded because of prior bad acts)

That seems about right to me.

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To be a scout in the BSA now, you must:

  1. have four others of the same sex willing to do the same
  2. have two minders aged at least 21 and
  3. if you are female, have at least on of these minders match your sex
  4. sacrifice about three camping nights of funds for this of past minders.

Heaven help you if you are so foolish as to go hiking and camping with friends who are members of the GS/USA.

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