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A Boy Scout troop in Ohio had their trailer stolen nearly 3 years ago.  At the time, it contained only a pinewood derby track. Police were unable to recover the trailer....until now. Turns out an innocent person had bought the trailer off Facebook and only found it had been stolen when he, in turn, had things stolen out of it and called police to report the theft.


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Once again, a unit troop trailer was stolen from the Chartered Partner’s parking lot.  It’s from a unit I know, so it really sucks   Friends, if you’re an IH, COR, or CC, you’ve some work to do..

I've heard too many similar stories too. We consider a tire boot just part of the cost of having a trailer.  Not having one is an open invitation to thieves. 

Our unit asked our meeting place (not the CO) for a room in the basement for storage. They approved and we now emptyed our trailer into the room. When we go on camp outs they scouts(PLs) give the QM a

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