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33 minutes ago, qwazse said:

This happens from time to time. Somebody not being allowed to hold their talking stick when and where they want to.

@SSF Why don't you start your own topic of Abysmal Examples of Scouts BSA for Girls? That way you can have the moderators ding everyone who posts something positive. Then those folks can claim foul about being manipulated by elites.

@Cburkhardt, you have gone to some lengths to reply to everyone who hasn't proffered the responses that you'd like to see. That's nice. But I will note that it only intends to invite equally long off-topic aggrieved retorts. It kind of defeats your purpose.

We can still enjoy opposing views on this forum. But, going around raining on someone's parade is not the way to do it.

Nicely put qwazse, I really like this response!

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Yes.  @Cburkhardt be mindful of which forums you are posting in. Your recent OP's  belong in the Open Discussion  forum and not Issues & Politics. 

I have moved one of your topics to Open Discussion and am looking at your other content,



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