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I just started with a Pack that was about to fold. We have a total of 8 Cubs. 3 which will be crossing over in a few months. We are having a hard time getting parents to be involved or what I decide they disapprove or tell me is wrong. So I'm wondering how often do you do an awards. In the past they said they only have one which is at the end of the school year. However, I've read the blue and gold banquet could be considered as an awards. We didnt do this in February as I just found out about it a couple weeks ago. When do you give out badges, belt loops, and awards and how often? Is it ok to do it twice a year?

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The current Cub Scout program recommends immediate recognition (adventure belt loops / pins at den meetings, if possible, and ranks usually at the next pack meeting).

BSA Guide to Advancement section “Do Your Best”:


A Cub Scout who has completed advancement should be congratulated immediately and publicly. And though badges of rank should be reserved for the next pack meeting, it is best to present items such as belt loops and pins soon after they have been earned. If it is possible for the pack to report and purchase these awards quickly, they could be presented at a den meeting, rather than waiting for a pack meeting. If presented at den meetings, the accompanying pocket certificates can be used in a ceremony at a subsequent pack meeting—or vice versa with the pocket certificates at a den meeting. However this is done, it is important to note that advancement is an individual process, not dependent on the work or progress of others. Awards should not be withheld for group recognition. Likewise, a youth should not be presented with recognition that was not earned simply to avoid anyone “feeling left out.”


Because your pack is small, presenting awards once a month is probably fine.  Some larger packs find that trying to present all adventure belt loops and pins at pack meetings can take too long and the kids start to get bored, so it might make sense to present the adventure loops / pins at den meetings.


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Our pack was very small for a number of years, and we presented all the awards at our monthly pack meetings. Since our numbers have grown recently, we've transitioned to presenting rank advancements and special awards at the monthly pack meetings, and adventure pins and loops at den meetings as they are earned. Just make sure your boys never wait longer than the recommended 2 weeks before receiving recognition for their accomplishments.

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