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  1. We have been doing virtual meetings for about a month now and have had very little participation. Maybe seven scouts out of twenty four. As leaders we are still trying to figure the whole virtual meetings setting out ourselves. Our first meeting was suppose to be for the parents but none wanted to show up so we only had our scouts. So we did a welcome back and talk about what everyone has been up to and check in on each scout to see if they have questions about any of their adventures. Our second meeting we had each scout choose one adventure or requirement in their handbooks they would like to share with other scouts. Last week we played a scavenger hunt. My question is how do you run your meetings? Do each of your den leaders run a meeting with just their den or do you have all scouts join together? What kind of activities do you do during your meetings? Do you give your scouts weekly activities? Any advice is greatly appreciated. A year ago we had only four scouts. To have twenty four now we are very excited to have the group we do now and don't want to see anyone loose interest due to this pandemic.
  2. December went by quick and I lost track of time. What is a good easy to get together Pack meeting idea we could do?
  3. We will be fishing at our councils camp. They only stock bass, brim, and catfish.
  4. That is a great idea to do with our new lion and tiger families. We did a fishing trip last year with our pack letting our Cubs catch their fish and then we showed them how to clean and cook them. They loved it... I enjoyed seeing their excitement as they got to do the whole process of catching, cleaning, and cooking them.
  5. We are planning a fishing derby with our scouts and I am looking for ideas to put on certificates so that each one of our scouts get their own award. We have about 15 scouts attending. Three will receive a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place medal. Scouts will have two hours to catch and many fish as they can. Bass and brim are stocked in pond we will be going to. What are your ideas to put on certificates? I'm short by 8 certificates.
  6. Has anyone tried the Country Meats fundraiser? I have been looking into it but it doesn't seem like it would go to well and take up so much more time to make as much as other fundraisers. What have you done to make this fundraiser event worth doing being they are very cheap and you have to give a portion back to the bsa. We are looking for more ways to earn money to upgrade camping gear in our pack trailer and to continue to award our scouts with their patches, pins, belt loops ect....
  7. We started off with 5 scouts in August and now have 35 after round up at events and schools. What is the best way to go about asking new parents to help with leadership? We have asked everyone but being they are new to scouting you can tell they dont want to at the moment. Our meeting place is also very small for the number of scouts we now have. We meet in a community building they hold parties that isnt very big and only has one room. So during meetings it is hard to hear what the other one is saying. Outside is an option but being gnats in our area are bad at the moment we opted out of that at last meeting. Then meeting at different nights is out because they have other things going on other nights at building. What would you suggest to make meetings a little bit better?
  8. A website sounds like a great idea. However, we dont have a lot of funding and dont see how we can afford a subscription. My husband and I just took over leadership and still working through the bumps on getting things straightened back up. I'm also working with the schools. For years our pack wasn't involved. We have a scout night next month. I like the idea of a video showing all the things we do. I tend to take too many pictures at events. Lol.... When I put posters together it's hard to just choose a few pictures.
  9. What items do you put at your information booth. Recently we participated in school orientation night and our table seemed a bit boring and had not many stop by or seemed interested. Items I had on table: Pack information sheet packet, mini boys life, pencils, wrist bands with our pack name on them, posters with pictures of past events, our pack banner, and a few items our scouts have made or earned throughout their activities this past year. I felt like our booth wasnt very interesting and didnt catch anyone's attention. In the next couple weeks we have been given the opportunity to setup a booth at a fall festival. We have limited space to do any activities. What would you suggest doing different or what should we add to our booth? I would love to do activities but feel like we wont have enough space as our space is limited.
  10. We have changed things up a bit this year since starting last January. This year we decided to meet every 1st and 2nd week of the month for den meetings. Every 2nd week of the month meet for a pack meeting. Then committee meeting every 4th week of the month. If there happens to be an extra week in the month we will use that as a den meeting. Last year we were so small we met every other week for pack/committee meeting and den meetings were decided by den leaders. Usually meeting at their home. With five active scouts as the time that seemed fine. Now with 17 we are making it the way we think it should be. However, we are getting feedback from returning and new parents we do too much. We meet once a week and now almost every weekend for show and sell for trails end. What is your opinion? Are we doing too much? Not all scouts have participated in den and pack meetings. Show and sell we only have four scouts participating.
  11. This would be for Cubs and spaces are very small that are provided. I believe spaces are 10x10.
  12. We have a community event coming up in our local town and would like to participate in the fun. What are some ideas our scouts could do? I'm thinking about face painting, temporary tattoos, and maybe a carnival like game winner gets to pie face a leader. What would you suggest?
  13. This will be our first year starting back with our Cubs. Does anyone give a welcome back gift (something small) to those Cubs coming back? Do you give a welcome pack/item to those that are new? We are a small group and I want to do something our Cubs will remember and want to come back year after year. Do you do something big on their first pack meeting?
  14. Where is a good place to order drawstring bags, water bottles, wrist bands, etc with our pack name on it?
  15. Does any know where I can get a short description of each rank? (Lion -Arrow of Light) I'm trying to put together a poster for recruiting and want to give parents an idea of each rank. So they can have an idea of what their children will do over the years as a Cub.
  16. I am looking a better way to keep up with my scouts payments log for each trip we take. Does anyone have a template they use or tips on keeping payments made organize?
  17. Our pack is going to try a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. It's a 50% profit. My daughter did this for cheerleading and it was very successful.
  18. Our pinewood derby didnt go so well on food sales. I believe it was only $43. Which we were renting building and the people who own it used their snacks and drinks. Said we would get 100% proceeds. But since they were still in the negative I'm not sure how they will work it out. I was thinking to have the outlaw race a public event. Any past Cub Scout, scout parent, or anyone wanting to test their talent can join in. I guess a 50/50 wouldnt be so bad for the winner. We thought about $20 to enter and if they want to use additional cars $10ea after.
  19. How many of you use an Outlaw Derby as a way to raise money for pack? What prizes do you give? We are a very small pack and trying to grow. When we took over leadership of pack there was very little fundings in account. We are two months in and have not had a fundraiser event yet. Thought this would be a good start.
  20. I just started with a Pack that was about to fold. We have a total of 8 Cubs. 3 which will be crossing over in a few months. We are having a hard time getting parents to be involved or what I decide they disapprove or tell me is wrong. So I'm wondering how often do you do an awards. In the past they said they only have one which is at the end of the school year. However, I've read the blue and gold banquet could be considered as an awards. We didnt do this in February as I just found out about it a couple weeks ago. When do you give out badges, belt loops, and awards and how often? Is it ok to do it twice a year?
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