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Hi everyone,

There was another request for a sub forum today and I'd like to suggest another way of doing this. The problem with sub forums is it's slower than you might think to set them up (mainly because the moderators can't set them up). Further, while there are several sub forums many are not used very often. At the same time, the advantage of sub forums is that you can quickly find threads that you're interested in.

Here's a suggestion on how to get nearly the same benefit as a sub forum with little help from the moderators. Any thread can have tags added to it (and moderators can retroactively add tags to any of them). Not only that but you can create searches of threads based on tags. Also, there are things called Activity Streams that can help. An activity stream is just a way to search all the threads. The unread content button just invokes an activity stream that searches for posts that you haven't read yet. What's nice is you can create your own and you can create them to search for threads with tags. For example, you can go to Feed -> My Activity Streams -> Create New Stream and create a stream that searches for new content having the tag "linked troop" in it and takes you to the first unread post when clicking on the title.

Once you create it you can find it under the Feed->My Activity Streams. You can also make it your default stream (go to it and click the check mark next to the title.) If you want to edit or delete an activity stream that you created, go to it and then click the trash can or pencil next to the title.

If you think a past thread should have some tags added to it then let us know, we can do that. If we're suddenly feeling like we're adding the same tags over and over again it will be much easier to get a sub forum created.

If you want to give it a try I'm willing to help.

@RememberSchiff, @John-in-KC, @desertrat77, @NJCubScouter, @LeCastor


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