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Hello All - it sounds like I'm going to be getting more involved with scouts than I expected! I did some cub scouts as a child, but my pack dissolved and we didn't continue on. Fast forward 20+ years, and my son asked about cub scouts. They've just got his Den started (so few boys in his age group they finally started despite how small it is) and the den leader quit. If I didn't volunteer it sounded like they wouldn't do much and next year would be an even larger question mark. Sooooo, I'm now Den Leader to a Wolf Den of 2 boys (my son and one other boy). I'm here looking for ideas and possible input when questions come up. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum, @epiieq1. You just made two great decisions. First, you're helping out your son's den. Second, you're asking for ideas. I haven't been a den leader for a very long time but I would say, go to round tables (monthly district meetings of scouters) and get training for being a den leader. I never did these things and that was a mistake.

One more thing, stick around the forum!

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Welcome. I have a Lions Den, officially of three, but now, practically , of only two. It seems like a lot of games I see for Den activities cease to be practical when you drop from three to two Scouts. But I'm hoping these will be nucleus of a stronger, bigger Den next year when they hit first grade. 

You're in good company here. Many fellow Scouters, like myself, who returned wondering (hense my "WonderBoy" screen name) how to put on a good program. But more importantly, many, many Scouters with plenty of good experiences (and some bad ones to learn from!) to share. 

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Thank you! I'll definitely be coming back for ideas as things pick up. The couple of members of the pack that I've talked to that are helping everyone out have stated their willingness to guide me in getting things going, it was just a surprise to have this happen so quickly! I'll definitely be sticking around the forum and looking for ideas. Thank!

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with a den of 2 I would say don't stop recruiting,

ask committee or go directly to council and get any promo's you can mini boys life mags, flyers, book marks, etc.

a den is a lot more enjoyable for kids with more friends/kids.

look up recruitment tactics,

ask school if you can place a flyer or put out some magazines,

ask class parent if you can send out an email to other class parents,

have the kids ask their friends and get them to earn recruiter patch

I generally take my old scouter and boys life mags and put address labels over my name/address with pack contact info on it and give those out


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That's awesome your taking this one.  Being a den leader is one of the best volunteer jobs ever.

I'd go further than ask the pack committee for materials.  Your pack ought to have a membership co-ordinator.  This person should be driving a program of recruiting new members every year.  No worries if you pack doesn't have one - most don't.  However, if they don't, you ought to lean on the pack committee to help in recruiting for your den.

Things I'd do:

- publicize to the pack and any attached troops & crews that you're looking for members to grow the den.  Ask for their help in referring folks

- get fliers out to the school classes that feed your pack

- get the Cubmaster to get a recruiter program started amongst the boys.  Make a big deal when a scout recruits a friend

- ask for help from pack families to send emails to neighborhood email lists

- put up flyers in libraries, shopping centers, etc.

- work with the pack committee to get a visit the pack day schedulded.  Put the word out that you want visitors.

- reach out to your district membership chair.  See if they have any ideas on how more to recruit in your area.

Best of luck!!!!

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Make sure that you get a copy of the newest Wolf Handbook and Den Leader Guide.

When you come up with your den meeting plans, I would recommend that you start with the requirements that are listed in the handbook, then look in the Den Leader Guide for ideas / suggestions.  In many cases, you don't have to do all of the requirements (do X of Y of the following requirements), so this gives you some flexibility on how to best deliver the program to your Wolf Scouts.

Talk to your pack leadership about rank advancement and when it traditionally happens for your pack.  You can use that date to backwards plan your meetings.

Remember that you can assign requirements to be done at home or with the family.  Some den leaders assign the Duty to God adventures to be done at home.  The pamphlet How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide needs to be done at home.

Communicate with the parents about what they need to do to help their Wolf Scout earn the rank or other adventures / awards.  Written communication is frequently better than verbal (because they have something to refer to).

Whenever possible, keep it simple, make it fun!

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