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Unit Scouter Reserve

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Has anyone registered a parent under the Unit Scouter Reserve (91u) designation?

We have a parent with our Pack who shows on our roster in my.scouting.org as Unit Scouter Reserve.  No one in the Pack has any idea why, and my thought is someone at the Council applied that position code, probably due to the application not being checked before submission.  I know that the Unit Scouter Reserve is supposed to be for those who want to register, but are not registered for a specific position, and they are required the same background check and YPT requirement as anyone else.  I have not been able to find anything yet on the BSA website to say what the registration fee is, or if indeed there is a fee.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has dealt with this in their unit.

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What position did your unit intend to register the person for?  Presumably the person filled out an application for council to apply the code to.  The only exception to that I can think of is if the person is supposed to be a Tiger parent.

My only experience with scouter reserve is college scouter reserve, and they pay regular registration fees, as do all adults who are registered scouters.

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@MikeS72, Unit Scouter Reserve is a designation for 18+ year-old Scouters who wish to be registered with a unit but without a specific position, as you state.

The registration fee is as @Treflienne says: $33 + any liability insurance your council may charge. 

This allows a parent or other adult to be a member of the unit and, as a result of registering, requires that person to have the BSA background check. Unit Scouter Reserve members must take YPT. The upside for the Reserve member and for unit JTE is that there is no position-specific training required. 

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