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PLC hazing and bullying problem

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On 10/25/2018 at 11:47 AM, Thunderbird said:

I suspect they got the "teabagging" idea from video games (or videos about games), where it is somewhat acceptable behavior (because video game characters are not anatomically correct).  Regardless of where the SPL got the idea, it is not acceptable in real life -- especially when the Scout repeatedly told him to stop.


On 10/26/2018 at 10:47 AM, WisconsinMomma said:

It sounds like teabagging is featured in a video game, where you kill an opponent and then can do this move on someone's corpse. (Ugh.)

That said, it's no excuse.  This SPL needs to be taught that what he did was wrong, it will not happen again, and the Troop will protect its members from that kind of inexcusable behavior. 

Yes, It's a "dance" that you can do in video games.  I walked into the room once when my son and a couple friends (12 ish years old) were playing some game and the conversation was about who was going to teabag who.  After I figured out what they were talking about, I asked them what they thought it meant and the response was "You crouch over someone and wave your butt on someone's head when they lose".

I told them they were wrong, and that regardless of what they thought it meant, I didn't want to hear that term again, but later that night I made my son look it up online.  His exact response was "Holy Crap!  That's super gross!".  (I had him look it up because he was in the middle of a "Dad doesn't understand the real world" phase)  I assume either he shared the definition with his friends the next day or they looked it up themselves because I've not heard it again since.

The only reason I think the origin of the phrase and how they boys in the OP learned it might be relevant is when it comes to trying to decide if the SPL is developing into a future rapist, or if he was only being a bully without understanding the sexual connotations of his actions. 

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You are a mandatory reporter.  This crossed the line.  If you are unsure whether it crossed the line, you need to report it and let someone else decide.  That's the whole idea of mandatory reporter. 

It is a parental issue as well.  If I found out my son was in his underwear and threatening to teabag another person, I think any Scout organization punishment would seem trivial.  I'd be almost as ma

Welcome to the forum @Bside. Sorry it has to be under such circumstances. I would not have the SPL talk in front of the troop. In fact, I'm not sure I'd start with a list of punishments. The real

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