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Need for tree identification

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"Patience is defined as tieing the hammock leads to a pair of Palms and waiting for them to "grow up".  "

Or ignorance.....  

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To know which trees are best to hunt under.

Persimmons and locust bean pods early in the season.

Red oak acorns next.

White oak acorns once they start falling, the whitetail's favorite mast.

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21 hours ago, DuctTape said:

Let's start a list of present day needs for tree identification skill.

1. Find "good firewood".

2. Identify species for lumber.

3. tracking invasive species (e.g. emerald ash borer).



Periodic species surveys - what trees we are losing/gaining

California Nursery  Historic Park Tree Inventory

In the summer of 2006, members of Boy Scout Troop 143 (Fremont,CA)  surveyed and identified trees within the California Nursery Historic Park in Fremont California. The Troop identified 412 individual trees comprising 112 different species. In addition to identifying the trees, they also secured ID tags to a majority of the mature trees present. This is an important civic project that would not have been accomplished without the time, intelligence and effort of the Scouts.
More details and tree map



Maine Invasive Species Network

"... training boy scouts to recognize signs and symptoms of ALB (Asian longhorned beetle), EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) , and HWA (hemlock woolly adelgid )"


RS note: hemlock woolly adelgid is killing off our wonderful Eastern Hemlock trees which cool the forest , offer winter shelter,...

 over 600 MBF of hemlock that was used in the Summit Bechtel Boy Scout Camp for bath houses.  This hemlock was infested with woolly adelgid.  Along with the hemlock over 1 million feet of hardwoods were cut for sawlogs and over 5000 tons of pulpwood and fence rails. 


Hornaday Silver Award project

Scout Peter Livengood who did survey as part of his work towards Hornaday Silver Award ("...think of it as an Olympic Medal for conservation work by a Boy Scout")

recommend link  below, written by scout is an entertaining and informative read regarding surveying  Kentucky state park understory .



Another $0.02


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