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Summer camp hacks/gear suggestions

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Boot fit.   My first RoundTable , I had a podiatrist talk to us about blister prevention, boot and sock choice.

Boots are to tried on, NOT bought thru ebay.., toes can wriggle, heels are snug. lace snug  across the instep, not tight across the toe.  Do not be shy about changing the lacing pattern, or experimenting with other things.  Be aware and sensitive to hot spots, particular "feelings" . As you hike, your feet will want to spread out, can they?   Women should be aware that the shoe they wear to the office is NOT the size boot they should use.  Try on a size bigger.  

Wool socks, with or without liners.  My buddy and I hiked the Camino de Santiago, 500plus kilometers, I had 100%  ragg wool socks, he used a wool blend and silk liners.   I had NO blisters at all,  he had none until the last 50 KM, and then developed a small one on his left big toe, which he attributed to a leather layer in his "old " boot that had come loose. 

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You have to have the solar one, works great (or so I have been told)

Earplugs. Baby wipes. Apparently a margarita machine is frowned upon.

Of course they're frowned upon. Most troop sites aren't wired for electricity....

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