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Sea Base Sleeping Gear

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We're doing the Sea Exploring (Keys Tall Ship) adventure this summer.  What do you recommend for sleeping gear?  Do you just take an inflatable pad, pillow and sheet?  I was going to take a silk sleeping bag liner.  They say people sleep up on the deck since it's too hot down below.

Any other advice on specific gear is appreciated.

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I started sleeping topside at Seabase 12 years ago, and have been tent-optional ever since!

A sheet and fleece blanket, and duffel of clothes for a pillow is all you'll need. You may need to go below during rain, but your gear dries of right quick the next day.

I also found rain jacket and pants come in handy for the occasional tropical storms. Hypothermia in the summer tropics is a thing!

P.S. - I was in the Bahamas last month, and realized that I could have been 10x more comfortable than I was in the fore cabin had I brought my hammock to sling under the boom. (100x if I could have convinced Mrs. Q to join me!)

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9 minutes ago, 69RoadRunner said:

I never considered a hammock.  Do captains actually allow them?

You will have to ask the captain. His boat, his rules. Ours would have. But this was a private sail.

You could call Seabase, and they may know the answer for the ship and captain you'll be sailing with.

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