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Is BSA Sustainable?

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48 minutes ago, carebear3895 said:

Program Executives (I think their official title is Paraprofessionals), are either called like "cub scout specialists" are usually not full time staff, and I don't believe they hold BSA commissions. There is only one example I have ever heard of a Program Executive becoming a Program Director. Its very rare. Her promotion was very much looked down upon by other professionals, simply because she never "earned her stripes" as a DE. Program Director positions are highly desired.

I think our Program Executives and the other three Executives at that level (Field Service, Membership and Development) are NOT paraprofessionals.  We do have para's but I think they have the title of Specialist, like Program Specialist and Development Specialist. I think the new Program Execs (etc.) may be at the level of DE's.  In fact, several of them are former DE's.  I don't know if they had to take a pay cut or not.  Like I said, the District Executive title no longer seems to exist in our council (nor does District Director.)

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