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Had to buy a new uniform

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Greetings from Seattle. Just put the uniform on again after being away 40 years.  It's now a four generation tradition, as my son begins as a Webelos scout.

I'll be interested to see what has changed* since my time in the 1970's when the silly red beret was part of the uniform.  Recently, I was looking through a collection of scout hat badges I traded for at the 1975 World Jamboree, and realized that Scouting has, now, probably vanished in several of the countries in my collection (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran).

Camping as a youth with my troop laid down the skill base and love for the outdoors which evolved into  a13-year career at the National Outdoor Leadership School  as an Instructor, trainer, and textbook author.  Now I'm navigating the personalities of the Pack Committee and working on getting the scouts outside more as an assistant Den Leader.

*This forum continues to help me see scouting through multiple perspectives.

Cheers, Craig

Eagle class of '77





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Welcome, and thanks for all you do for the boys.

P.S. - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at where scouting has persisted, even flourished, around the world. Look up World Organization of Scouting Movements.

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Welcome to the forum, and if you think the red berets were silly, the collarless green shirts beat that hands down.  Of course if that wasn't bad enough, the original wool shirts with a heavy wool tunic, heavy wool pants and gaiters wasn't a walk in the woods.... well, it was a walk in the woods.  :)

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