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New in North Texas

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Recently there was a program at school that my 1st grader enthusiastically reported to me about. Apparently he could shoot BB guns, bow and arrow, and camping and he really wanted to be a cub scout. My kids never want to do anything, so we jumped at this. So far we have had a pack fishing trip on local property, Tiger Day, and a helicopter is coming next meeting for a first aid talk. I have on my possession an adult application for where ever I am needed.


I joined cub scouts in the early 80s and was one of those boys that had my Bobcat pinned on while I was held upside down. My dad was cubmaster, my mother was my den mother, and my grandfather (an eagle scout from before WW II) led my Webelos group. I received my Arrow Of Light before moving over to Boy Scouts. Then the wheels came off for me. For whatever reason I missed a meeting and some kids told me the next day at school I couldn't come back. I took them at their word and never went back. I do regret that now.

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