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Life scout from Indiana

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Hello I am Christopher from Indiana, I am a Life scout at 16 and almost to finishing my Eagle Project.

 I've got 2 more merit badges, to finish my project, then to the Board of Review.

Summer camp I'm getting Firecrafter (for those of you in the CAC [Crossroads of America Council]) then after I am Eagle I will stick in my troop and get them Eagle palms. I am also currently serving my term as a Troop Guide, with plenty of shenanigans from those little Cubbies. 


Other information about me:

I am a diehard gamer, I program apps and cool programs, for fun!, I also design video games and intend on following my passion for gaming and working for either my own company or join a company to create the next generation of entertainment. ;)


Before anyone asks what I've worked on here is my current summary...


 Discord Bots (Discord is a gamer chat app, much like Teamspeak 3 + Skype) [Python]

 Minecraft Mods [Java Eclipse]


I have not yet "made" a game, though the ideas are certainly there...


 Have a nice day and I look forward to sharing some hilarious stories later on! 

- Beastly

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Welcome to the forum. 


Are you a DC of Cubbies or a TG for a new scout patrol of crossovers?  Just curious how your troop is running that POR.

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I am the Troop Guide, I handle new scouts and teach them about our Troop and what to do and that stuff :p 

 I'm technically in their Patrol until they get comfortable, but I still hang out in my troop (they sort of just ditched me though xD)

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I like your plan. It is a great thing to go to at least one summer camp having your Eagle patch already earned!

Enjoy the forums, we like hearing from scouts about life in general.

If your SM isn't already on here, invite him to give a listen.

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Hey Beastlygaming,

Just started on this site, saw your goals and had to comment.  Since it has been over a year, I wanted to know if you made XXX and/or Eagle.  Sounds like you had some great scouting goals.  Even though I now live in Fort Wayne area, I still have strong ties to CAC from my younger days and I managed to earn both.  If you haven't thought about it you might consider working at cub scout day camp.  It is a great way to continue your work with younger scouts just getting started.  I loved working at Camp Belzer during the summer for many years.  I worked side by side with many teenage scouts who were interested in continuing their scouting trail just like me.

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