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  1. Our troop (duh!) sells popcorn, but we also sometimes sell Trash Bags... silly I know, but it can be popular especially with relatives. But you might end up making money off your parents... xD
  2. Oh lol thanks mate. The link option was new to me the second I made that, I think I got it now. Just needed to let it do it's thing instead of removing http://
  3. Usually scouts focus on outdoor skills, and internet safety and all that... But it's also great to have social connections! If ANYONE in or out of scouting would like to join the Public scouting discord, please join here: https://discordapp.com/invite/U4bj9k7 (Not sure why my link is broken, so just copy and paste in browser) Because of safety and all that in scouting, we do have guidelines in place aside from our Scout pledges. And just so you know, the discord isn't ran by any "shady" figures, it's ran by an Eagle Scout. Thank you to those who wish to be apart of the
  4. So I'm not sure if you can "make" your own camp programs... You certainly can propose them. But here is my local council's: My council (Crossroads of America Council [CAC]) has a summer camp program called Firecrafter ( www.firecrafter.org ). Essentially it's for getting scouts involved in summer camp and service, much like O.A. but does things a little better in my opinion. Firecrafter was started by Belzer and Norton and eventually led to what it is now, which is amazing. My experience in Firecrafter has been awesome, everything from learning how to build a fire with nothing
  5. I was able to get firecrafter, just need to go to the "unknown test" which is just a ritual...
  6. I'm going to be working on Firecrafter (for those of us in the Hou Koda district that do this) and I'd like help planning some of my skits, if you have ideas I can use I'd be interested in learning them and potentially having my troop perform them This is the last summer camp I can go to before I achieve Eagle, so it's somewhat of my chance to be an overachiever if I can do the 100 yard swimming (since I am awful at it). Basically Firecrafter is a rank in which you can earn at camp, through things like building a fire, popping a spark with self-made bow and spindel. One of the requi
  7. But there is more than 1 species of Adders on the Island... @@tyke
  8. I will be working on a presentation for Programming merit badge, I will assist in teaching HTML, Java and Python to a group of interested scouts :> I will also be teaching about the History & Languages and how they're used and translated.
  9. Would I (16) be able to teach, or demonstrate certain areas of the Programming merit badge, under the supervision of the Counselor in charge? This is without being going to any summer camps as a counselor or staffer there... This would be in the troop and under charge of the merit badge counselor. Obviously I wouldn't be signing off and the Counselor would review this material fully and in detail with the scouts but me being able to summarize and show how to do something like how to make an application that's simple, show and tell how the code works; ect.
  10. I was just going to grab a feel people from this lovely forums to get a real mix of councils... Not really whole troops, but if those people wanted to invite their troops they certainly could!
  11. @@blw2 Was that (look from the back of the dining hall) down the hill out on the left side of the lake way in the rear... If so was it before you go into the woods or into the woods, cause our campsite was in the back of the camp and I believe it was the last on on the lake, we were near a Pier to fish on... though we encountered loads of wasps on it.
  12. Well the NSA doesn't want me... Nor am I a child when it comes to technology... Yes I may not be able to prevent everything, but making sure the security is there and enforcement and all that is in place is helpful. I am glad you all are helping to put your 2 cents into this, but I think it's worth a shot to at least open the discord and have a go... It can be a small and limited community with minimal contact... Besides, only few invites to the discord will be given out. I'm not too concerned about the Logs since it's not my platform and I didn't make Discord, so security issues is not my pro
  13. @@gumbymaster What are those merit badges, I may want to help counsel a merit badge inside the troop (yes our troop sometimes allows our scouts to help lead a merit badge, with the adult leaders... or at least teach.)
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