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I'm Indonesian Scout, I have something may interest you all,

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Quick Easy Ways To memorize the Scout Morse Code
Posted by Joshua Riyandi on Monday, June 13, 2016
Label: Scouting
Hi .. Meet again ya ..
this time I want to post about the hobby I, Scouts ..
discussion this time I want to talk about Fast Easy Ways Memorizing Scout Morse Code
probably many of you who think that the name memorize Morse code was hard, but all i say is just a myth: v because, because, Because there is a trick to make it easier to memorize the Morse code ..
before entering into discussion, i want to share a little bit about the history of brevity.

Morse code was invented by Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872). He is an inventor who came from the United States. He is also a painter, but more famous as the inventor of the electric telegraph. the electric telegraph used a special alphabet which he created with his assistant named Alexander Bain. The alphabet known as 'Morse Code'.

The code consists of lines and dots. Well, this morse code itself is applied also in scout password.
According to memorize the Morse I still have fun, especially klo you already know Quick Easy Ways Memorizing Scout Morse Code. This method also gw Terapin to Adek-Adek gw learners in core scout troops, and thank goodness they got 1st place yesterday while I was attending the Jamboree Branch (ciee) first greet her brother: p
morsenya memorize the following trick:
B: Bonaparte
O: Otomo
W: Winoto
Z: Zoroaster

nah's how to translate it into Morse,
1. Focus on vowels (A, I, U, E, O), the consonant letters are ignored (pain does actually ignored: ')
2. for the letter O bearing the "-" and a vowel other than O (A, I, U, E) bearing the dot "."

you're done, you dig kaga -_- '?
i love ya for example, such as the letter A = ANO
ANO has two vowels, A and O
so morse code from the letter A is the point of the line ". -"

how? already there is some light not men?
ya i love the example 1 again.
letter B = Bonaparte
Bonaparte had four vowels, namely O, A, A, and E
so the Morse code letter B is a line of dots dots "-..."

for any other letter terjemahin itself well .. -_- learned gentlemen 'do not be spoiled
if there who want ditanyain, comment aja ok.

nah it is fleeting Fast Easy Ways Memorizing Scout Morse code, may be useful yah ^^
next post waiting for ya, stay tune ^^






Scout craft: Lampion Tunas Kelapa
Posted by Joshua Riyandi on Friday, January 1, 2016
Label: Crafts

Hi guys, I'm sorry already long post ga ya, this time I want to post about crafts made by joshua hehe. then gw class X and dapet task of the art teacher ngebuat lanterns from the balloon. gw confused to make lanterns with any decoration, Seeing my friends gw lampionnya on that good anymore - '.
So, i nemuin ideas for lanterns form coconut seeds due to negligence. gw time lanterns create a rounded shape, gantungin gw dah in the room while the fan fanned let dry. keeps fit already dry, clay gw gw round lanterns instead be like coconut (ga irregular shape: 3). directly deh kepikiran create coconut buds form.
Gw aja directly nyari materials for the lanterns ngelengkapin gw.
Curious material from what? check this out !!
Tools and materials :
1. The rubber balloon (not a blimp: 3, ntar greatness -_-).
2. Yarn Sewing (brown).
3. Wood Glue (glue Fox / other brands).
4. Pipe (adjustable length).
5. Felt (brown).
6. Needle Sewing.
7. Small Hose. (Adjustable length).
8. Glue Shoot.
9. Sand taste.
10. Fire (can stove, candles, etc.).
11. Tools to perforate (screwdriver, nails, etc.).
12. Cat (brown).
13. Dacron (contents Cotton)
14. Scissors.
15. The series of lights.

How to make :
1. Blow balloons (not too big, not too small). Tie the ends.
2. Apply wood glue around the balloon evenly.
3. Wrap the sewing thread around the balloon that has been spread wood glue this until all surfaces are sealed balloon. (Not wrapped too tight because it will make the lanterns be nice).
4. Wind-aired these lanterns to dry.
5. Once dry, kempeskan balloon. Be lanterns spherical.
6. start from here, i use own creations. Fill the pipe with sand that has been prepared to the full.
7. Burn the pipe in the middle of a rather down. then bend a little in order to become a stem palm shoots. When finished, remove the contents of sand are there in the pipeline.
8. Then coat the pipe with brown flannel.
9. Cut a hole the diameter of the hose at the bend pipe, then insert the hose into the pipe hole, bend it downward. Do not forget hoses painted a chocolate brown color.
10. Make a leaf pattern on the palm shoots as much as 2 pieces of flannel, then stitch around. Leave the lower end of the leaf to enter Dacron.
11. Enter dakron into flannel cloth has been sewn.
12. Give the glue on the tip of lower leaves, then insert the tip of the leaf into the bottom of the pipe.
13. Punch holes in the side of the lantern to the entry of the pipeline (so the lantern has two holes, bottom and sides).
14. Insert the pipe into the hole located on the side, press slightly upward so that the stem buds become erect, then glue around that shoots not wobble. (Part of the balloon will be dented a little, but that's okay)
15. Put a balloon on the lights that have been strung together. Ready lighted lanterns.

Excuse My Face ^ _ ^

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Stosh, if that is a translation from the Internet, it seems there are still a few bugs in the system.


It does seem to work one word at a time, like on "pertolangan", but even then I got a list of several English words that mostly meant about the same thing (though it was a mixture of nouns and verbs), and then figure out which seemed the most likely.

Edited by NJCubScouter
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Google Translator.... it isn't perfect, but I figured it was a start.  It gives the general idea of what is being attempted in the comments.  I have Google Translator and I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Figured that was good enough.  :)

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