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Closed Toe Shoes

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I decided to get a pair of closed toe sandals for summer camp. I opted for KEEN even though Merrell makes something that looks like a running shoe in the front half and a sandal in the back half. I was concerned about having burrs stick to it or pebbles that could not be shaken out. 


I know, I know, sticks and stones... I'm so used to sandals that I have even worn sandals when climbing things up to a 5.7 or so. 


Now to find out who will make a stink out of my "closed toe shoes" first, camp staff or other parents. 

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To me this thread comes down to a simple question:  As an adult leader which is more import,  personal choice or roll modeling common sense outdoor behavior that the scouts can emulate and succeed at.

While I may wear sandals on a personal trip with my buddies, I'm not going show them off at scout camp if the kids are expected to be in closed shoes for obvious safety reasons. I'll find something that works for me and the guidelines.

I also have no problem telling a parent their kid's chance of completing an outing, healthfully, is going to be less with improper footwear.  I  believe it is asking a lot of an energetic 13-year old not to cream his feet , on rough terrain, in a pair of outdoor sport sandals. 

A kid leaving an outing early, is a lost opportunity.


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On 6/13/2016 at 8:13 AM, Petey091 said:

 I need some help. I know that many troops prohibit open toe shoes for troop activity and I can understand why. I have been told that this is a national BSA Policy but I can not find any mention of it in the guide to safe scouting. Am I just missing it or is it listed in some other location?  I agree its a good idea but I don't want to look like a fool and site it as BSA Policy and it not be.


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Didn't realize I was responding to an old thread. I've already commented over a year ago.

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