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Add Breastfeeding to G2SS?

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since people like to worry about breastfeeding and inappropriate attire/showing skin/what can the boys see kind of protectiveness,

what would you do if a teenaged lady comes in to the scout meeting and the boys start oogling and eyeing her with interest? 

You'd tell them to treat her with respect and knock it off. 


Similarly if you go to the pool as a troop and someone's mom or sister comes to enjoy a swim at the same place,   or if there is a woman as lifeguard or other staff at boy scout camp.  sometime somewhere your scouts are going to see the female form in some not completely covered up with a mu mu status.


Doesn't really matter what the woman was wearing or how much the boys can see or want to see, or what the women was doing,

they should still treat her with respect and courtesy and act like gentlemen. The adults should too.

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Isn't it amazing how often just adhering to the Scout Law in some point(s) can solve the issue?  Let's see; Kind, Courteous, Friendly, Clean all come to mind in this thread.

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