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Thoughts on Hammock Camping

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1- Have you tried hammock camping? If you have, did you enjoy it? If you have not, why not? Yes and Yes

2- What brand of hammock do you camp in? Single or Double? Do you think there's a significant difference? Clark (4 season model), Single, The real difference in hammocks for me is less to do with single or double but how it performs in different kinds of weather and the weight.

3- Do you prefer hammock camping or tent camping? Why?

Both have their benefits, if I have a lot of stuff, I prefer tents. (Though I’ve used a tent at summer camp to store stuff and slept in my hammock.) The hammock gives me my best sleep, even in the cold winters of the North East, and is my go to for backpacking



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I always have a hammock in my pack. It is a Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater sans net because it ripped. I don't typically sleep much when camping with Cubs so even if we are in a cabin I hang a hammock outside for some restful downtime. Feel free to send me a sample or two for testing. :)

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Whether it was Black Friday or Cyber Monday I don't recall which one it was but REI had an offer for a complete ENO system for 120$.   That included


Rain Fly


Bug Net

Carry Case


Anyone that has looked into hammocks knows how much ea item is and knows just how much I saved.  I was NOT going to buy such a system until I got it dirt cheap, in this case I WON!

Now before I took the Hammock route I bought a hammock at Wal-Mart that essentially looked just like an Eno (minus all the accessories) just to see if I would enjoy it.  Its an easy system if you are up and down throughout the night like I am using the bathroom ALL THE TIME!!!! as apposed to crawling out of my Alps Mystic 1.5.


Wait and look for the Deals


I saved over 120$

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