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We all have jobs and families we have to juggle. It is a matter of priorities. Some put the job first. Some have to put the job first. Some put one kid ahead of the rest. Some have too many kids to ma

Something's always gotta give. I have the rattiest lawn in a neighborhood full of meticulous gardeners. (Think victory garden gone manic and you get the idea.) Lots of other extra things fall by the

We had the rattiest lawn in the neighborhood growing up - but then we also had the only green lawn in August when the hot sun was beating down on folks lawns while there were watering restrictions in

Stosh?  "Recruit"?  You recruit?    Hey, we only have to say we have a need and the donut seekers trample each other to take up the responsibility! 

Yeah, oops, pardon , I have to go water the sheep now to preshrink the wool....

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When a person is called to a position in the LDS church, the person feels a lot of pressure to accept.  ... <asked to fulfill> ... We also believe in "magnifying our callings", which is basically- give it your all, do your best, etc.  ... 


Combine the bishop asking, "magnifnifying our callings" and the macho'ism of being a man, I'd imagine it would be hard to say no.  Saying no is somewhat saying your bishop is wrong, saying you're not following a tenant of your faith and denying the macho-ism every guy has.  So, I can easily see many leaders getting boxed in and not doing a great job.  But that can happen inside and outside LDS units.  Just a different path.  

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