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Got told I was too fat.


Unfortunately, many people seem to have had bad experiences, and paint a bad picture for everybody.   Having been to one Jamboree as a youth, and another as and adult, you should look forward to it, 

I'm another who recommends waiting.  Consider the rank requirement for one.  Plus there is a lot.. and I do mean a LOT of walking, walking, and more walking.  What a 15 year old can manage, an 11 year old may struggle with.  And don't forget the cost.  Jamboree is not cheap - even the volunteers have to shell out over $800 just to be there and work!.  Outfitting with multiple uniforms, travel, matching bags, and event registration costs all add up.  I recommend starting a special savings account asap with the funds bookmarked for Jambo in the future.  One other thing that may - or may not - be an issue....  depending on what area you're from, there may be a limitation to how many scouts can attend.  I know in some places they have a lottery system to pick Jamboree participants when they have too many apply to go...  definitely something to consider.


If anyone has not seen the webpage for the Summit, I highly recommend checking it out. 



This is the Jamboree specific part of the page:



You'll have access to tons of photos and videos that show you the overall camp and all of the great activities.  There are regular news updates and all kinds of information about deadlines, medical clearance, what to expect, and just about anything else you can think of.

For example - they just renamed all of the subcamps in honor of the National Parks Centennial.  (pretty cool patches too - http://www.summitbsa.org/jamboree-subcamps-renamed-honor-national-park-service-centennial/

Are you on Facebook?  Make sure to LIKE the page and you'll get regular updates in your feed as well.


I've done Jambo at Fort AP Hill and the Summit - and I can't even begin to describe how amazing this new property and the facilities are.

I'm planning on being there in 2017!  This will be my 5th time as staff and I'm looking forward to the fun.   ... which reminds me... never too soon to start adjusting my workouts so the walking doesn't kill me.

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Some questions about the Jamboree--do the Scouts have fun overall, even with the long walks to activities?  Do they need to bring their own tents?  If not, what kind of accommodations do they have? Where do they go white-water rafting?  Is Jamboree sort of like a giant Scout summer camp?  Have never gone and I don't think any from our troop have gone, at least not in the past 10 years if not longer.  Our troop is in California so the travel cost and time would be pretty significant.  Thanks in advance for any input!


My son went twice and had amazing fun both times.  Even with the looooooong walks and heat.  If you ask him, High Adventure camp was better - but Jambo was worth attending.


The Scouts sleep in tents.  Tents and some other basic gear are provided.  Troops are assigned to subcamps which are like neighborhoods.  Its really quite amazing to see. 

All of the activities are right there on the Summit property.  Every merit badge you can think of and so much more!  So yes, I guess it is like a giant summer camp.  But its more than that too. 


Your local council will go over all of the equipment needs, travel planning, ect in the months leading up to Jamboree.  Individual scouts will be assigned to a council based Jamboree Troop (different from their home troop).  There is usually a couple of "shake down" camp outs locally for the Scouts who will be headed to Jamboree so they can learn to work together.  Sometimes they might work as a group on fundraising.  There may also be opportunity to help design unit patches for the event.  Lots and lots to do!


And you're right - travel will be costly.  Jamboree isn't cheap either - theres the cost for attending plus you'll spend money buying extra uniforms and other items. 

Still - if a Scout is truly excited about going, I think it is a great opportunity and definitely a unique experience.

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