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Hobbies? Wazzat?


I used to have hobbies then I had kids. Now my hobby seems to be driving to Scout events, basketball games, ballet classes and Sunday school. In my spare time, I help with homework, go to parent teacher conferences and take the kids to the doctors.


I do have a hobby! But I don't get to work on it very often. Sleeping without interruption.

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you mean there's hobbies OTHER than scouts?


When I was young, I used to design clothes, sew clothes, shop for clothes, cosmetics & jewlery - typical girl.


then I bought a house.


Now I get giddy over power tools, tile samples and plumbing fixtures.... same thing - but now i adorn my house instead of me!


part of my house is always torn apart and being re-done, some because it's needed, but often just for fun. (and I don't have a wife who gets annoyed at the mess!LOL! - its MY mess!)


I'm hooked on home improvement shows, Trading spaces and Changing rooms (BBC) are favorites, but I'd rather follow the carpenters than the decorators! Though I am an equal-opportunity theif - I'll steal home improvement ideas from anywhere!


I like to build things, and my son shares this interest - from electrical work to woodworking. We're not pros, but we've remodeled a camper, our kitchen and two bathrooms. Of course, we had a ball with Pinewood Derby! He got me a router attachment for my Dremel for Christmas - after i finish the bathroom we're currently working on - we start on his room. We're going to build him a new waterbed, if we can't find a used one cheap.


I also like to refinish furniture. I love to watch the 'life' return to a beautiful piece of wood furniture from under dark and cruddy finishes and bad paint jobs!


I also like gar(b)age sales; and love finding trash and making it into treasures! I also often HAVE garage sales - I can't store it all forever!


A few years ago I got a 20 gal fishtank for my son - he likes to watch it, but I take care of them. I got hooked more than he did. I have two freshwater tanks in the house and a Betta bowl, and would like to add another 20 or 30 gal tank. If I can only find room amid the construction projects.....


I Love Golden Retreivers, and volunteer with Golden Retreiver Rescue of Wisconsin - our golden is a mix we rescued 2 yrs ago and he is my spoiled, constant buddy.


I have always loved camping, of course, and especially canoeing. we have a small pop-up - but haven't taken it out for about 2 yrs, as work and scouts has limited our camping time to mostly scout/tent camping.


When I get quiet time- I like SCI-Fi & Fantasy - both to read and movies (not horror sci-fi). Yes, I'm a closet Trekkie. I also like historical fiction & classic fiction like "Rascal", "My side of the mountain", Hatchet, and of course, Harry Potter! I read alot - cereal boxes and junk mail if nothing else is available.


I also hang out on the computer too much. lol! I like electronic gadgets - we recently set up a home network, and I like to play with my 35 mm camera and my digital camera. (I'm a photography MB counselor, too)


When I have any time left over - I Sleep!



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I truly get the most enjoyment from being with either or both of my two sons. Being with my wife is almost as good. If spending time with my boys were rated 1,000, spending time with my wife would be 998.


Playing golf would rate 991.


If I could choose a hobby, it would be woodworking. However, it is unbelievable how little talent one can have for something they would love to do. I've tried simple projects, and have never been pleased with the results. I guess I'll have to leave that one to you guys who do have that kind of talent. I'll go play golf.



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Listed in order of time spent on each.


Home Improvements (purchased a fix me upper 6 years ago, another 3 and it should be done!)

Web Sites



Golfing (have not golfed in 2 years, but I have not given up on it, yet)


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Woodworking - I love making useful items for the house and scouts.

Golfing - I'm terrible of course.

Tennis - Weekly - indoor during the winter.

Reading - Both pleasure (favortie author - Stephen King) and Christian enlightenment (Scott Hahn).

Computers (home and work)

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I am going to build an addition on to my hobby list after reading Laura's.


I decided that I would learn to play golf. I started collecting golf clubs. I am left handed, so it took awhile to find them. I later found golf balls, lots of them. I sorted them into what I considered the best to the worst. I then found some Golf Digest magazines and cut out all of the parts that pertained to how to play the game and assembled them into a notebook. I found some tees. I even found a couple of good handbooks for teaching it and several videos from the real pros of the game. I found socks for the clubs, a good bag for the clubs, a smaller version for quick games, a putting mat, and a golf rag for wiping the sweat and mud from my forehead and the clubs or visa-versa. This feat of garage sale expertise was accomplished for less than $100.00 and two years later, I have yet to swing a club.


In retrospect, my wife's concern is understandable. Still, she should consider that golf is a game of wit, talent, and above, all skill. It is a game for the ages. At the very least, it is a difficult game to master. I believe that I have sufficiently demonstrated these things to her, so, enough said. Fuzzy Bear

(This message has been edited by Fuzzy Bear)

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The two activities I enjoy the most are downhill skiing and sailing.


In the winter, I ski when I can with my two boys and in the summer, sail with my wife.


The big challenge is doing both as economically as possible and still pay a mortgage, car payment, show up for work, do home improvement projects, yada, yada, yada,...



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Here's a free tip from a fellow left-handed golfer. When you watch the videos with the professional golfers in them, put a mirror behind you and watch them in the mirror. They become left-handed very quickly when you do that and it's especially helpful if you're a visual learner.



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I will purchase a mirror this next Garage Sale year and putt it in the bag with all of the other stuff.


Great tip though.


I first golfed about four years ago. I borrowed a set of clubs from one of my office mates, a woman that was left handed. I found that her clubs worked best from the shorter tees.


I was later told that everything in golf works in reverse. You don't hit the ball like an idiot. You don't try to drive the ball above the clouds, on and on. So I tried doing things in reverse and that didn't do it either. I attribute my failures to being left handed because that puts a reverse on the reverse. Being slightly learning disabled must put another reverse on it also. The game is a horrible mess. I get mad thinking about it. I may go out and break the clubs that I have yet to use. Golf must be life's little Gordian knot.


Forgive me. I am new to the game. I am sure things will get better.

Fuzzy B.


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Fuzzy B.

I am sure things will get better.

Just keep saying that over and over!

There is only 2 things that you have to remember about golf! Grip IT and RIP IT. Oh yeah and the 3rd thing, only take lessons and advice from a pro!

I can drive the ball 300 yards, 100 yards forward and 200 yards left!


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