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Scout continually delays group by not obeying or following through

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SSScout: Get yourself a bugler. That always worked with my guys.


To the point, a night owl seems fine, but we do have to maintain two-deep leadership, so to allow him to sleep in would mean extra hands on deck that could be out teaching the boys how to play Scouts.

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When did it become an adult's responsibility to get the boys up in the morning? It is always interesting on Sunday morning when we need to be back home when the parents pick the kids up. I just announce what time the vehicles will be leaving in the morning and if they want a ride they can be ready or if it doesn't matter, when we get home, we'll send the parents back to fetch them. The boys know me well enough not to press the issue and I've never had a problem with the boys getting up and going in the morning.


Two-deep leadership means 2 adults are present at the activity, it doesn't mean they have to hover over everything all the time to make sure the boys are doing it right. It just means there are two adults at the activity. In my case, one of them is always drinking coffee telling the other to mind their own business and leave the boys alone. :)



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