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  1. It is certainly a great program, I wish it were more prevalent or at least the BSA would open all programs to both genders.
  2. Or write the plate numbers in Morse Code!
  3. So while going through my Local Area Council's webpage I came across this! I am not only tempted, but compelled! Anyone else's area offering such a program? http://www.baltimorebsa.org/openrosters/docdownload.aspx?ID=64452
  4. SSScout: Get yourself a bugler. That always worked with my guys. To the point, a night owl seems fine, but we do have to maintain two-deep leadership, so to allow him to sleep in would mean extra hands on deck that could be out teaching the boys how to play Scouts.
  5. When I was younger, I would have to do it myself, but now that I'm an adult with a little disposable income, I tend to pay a seamstress to do most of the patches for me, particularly the permanent ones. Only costs me $2 a patch. CSP, numerals (3-4), position, trained, World Organization of the Scout crest and I'm done. Everything under $20 and well placed. Of course, when you're older, I believe you're allowed to cheat a little bit.
  6. It was founded in 2006 with the goals of creating a Scouting group based on Baden-Powell's program. I feel it really takes Scouting back to its traditional roots. One thing that has changed, however, is the level of inclusiveness that is built into the program, male and female. Sort of a mixture of BP's Scouting for Boys and his Girl Guides program. Right now, they have about 54 registered units. As is tradition, the Scouts, once they've no longer a Cub Scout, obtain the rank of Tenderfoot and work towards First Class. This is the highest rank in Traditional Scouting. After that, they beg
  7. At least not one the Scouts could BREATHE in!
  8. When I was a Cub, both Raingutter Regatta and the Space Derby existed but we never did anything other than the Pinewood Derby. Kind of sad, really, given that the Pack was quite large.
  9. That is a bit much, nevermind the fact that it is totally nonsensical. "In the event that the scout or leader chooses to utilize a troop owned tent. The person who checks out the tent with the Quartermaster, will be required to return it to the quartermaster clean, dry, and properly folded. Any damage will be reported to the quartermaster so the tent can be repaired or replaced as needed." Sounds great, but then it is stated, "Troop XXXX does not guarantee that troop owned tents are waterproof." You can't have it both ways. Either the Quartermaster and the Troop leadership will
  10. Thanks, Qwazse, for the welcome. It seems a bit common, especially around here. One of my ASMs is a mother of three. Aside from being an ASM, she's an ADL (Webelos) and a Junior GS leader. Don't know how she does it!
  11. Some of us are born Scouters, others become Scouters, and others have it thrust upon them! This is one of those stories. I was a Webelos I Scout at the time, my father served as our Den Leader. We were sitting at one of our monthly Pack Meetings when the Cubmaster told us she was stepping down, her heart was in the Girl Scouts. My mother had dozed off in the chair and was fast asleep when the Cubmaster made her announcement. "The Pack needs a Cubmaster," she says, "is anyone willing to take this responsibility?" About that time, my father nudges my sleeping mother and whispers, "Kare
  12. I'm new to the group as well, I am 29. Was in the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts where I currently serve as the SM. Currently test driving the Baden-Powell Service Association in what little "free time" I have.
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