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A major embarrassment

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You all are correct, of course. I had just checked CNN.com before leaving work and it hit me in the face like a brick with no warning. I was upset. Now, to make matters worse, his picture is there, in full uniform, replete with OA sash and Eagle square knot. When I look at the picture, I don't see a face, all I see is the uniform. The same one we all wear. The photo credit was "Boy SCouts of America". And that's what the public sees. The article refers to him as "former Eagle Scout". At least I agree with that, if found guilty. The sad thing is, if he is found innocent, will it get banner headlines as well?

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Ah, the good ole U S of A. Where every man is innocent until the media gets ahold of it. With all the media hype you would think that this man had been caught in the office closet with a Cub Scout by the police with video cameras and expert witnesses standing around taking notes. Nothing has been proven, no trial has been had, but thanks to "Good Reporting" (sarcasam intended) we are all reading his guilt, not as alleged but as tried and proven in print.

Now, this is not to say that I am standing up for this man, I don't know him and I wouldn't want to if this is proven true, but come on, just because the media says it does it have to be true? Should we all take a nice walk and ask OJ? :) ( for Eamonn's sake I had better add Simpson to this)

As a scout leader if any parents question me I will just tell them the same. No one has a right to judge another by the media. If he is guilty then punish him, not the BSA. I have my YPT and was planning to show the video next meeting anyway. You can't hold the organazation responsible for what someone does on their own time. No where have I read that any of this alleged activity took place on BSA time or on BSA computers, just that the computer was turned over by the BSA.

At least "try um" before you "hang um".

Kristi(This message has been edited by cajuncody)

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It's bad enough when ANY Scout leader is involved in something like this. But when the head of BSA's Youth Protection efforts - as reported by one news organization - is guilty of distributing child pornography how can this NOT reflect on B.S.A.? Note that this was a PAID Professional with 39 years service.


This follows enrollment fraud in how many states now? Enrollment fraud by PAID Professionals trying to show "growth." And this is far from the first time this has happened.


B.S.A. should be taking a long hard look at itself instead of blaming "liberals" for its problems.


If you claim to represent timeless values and high standards of character, you should be showing just that. Too many volunteers are just plain disillusioned and disappointed by the behavior of the paid professionals in B.S.A.


No excuses. No "John Does are to protect boys." No "it has nothing to do with Boy Scouts - it could happen anywhere."


Our S.E. was claiming 5% growth until the AL scandal hit. Now our new "inner city" units have disappeared and enrollments reported in District meetings are down by 15 to 20% - though some folded units are still showing on the lists. I guess all the "mistakes" haven't been corrected yet. And we volunteers aren't supposed to notice all of this? Who's fooling who?


National hides from the press and says "not our fault" for everything. I'm embarassed. This isn't the Boy Scouts I grew up with.



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This really isnt a Boy Scout problem. I have read the articles that have been posted. As of right now, none of US can prove he is guilty. That aint our job. None of us can even prove is was actually on the computer that had the files. Again, speculation, but this could even be a public computer for crying out loud! You dont know that.


Chances are we never will know all the details. That's the way it should be.


Also, somebody mentioned the BSA failed here and I dont understand that. What are they going to do? Go in and search through his personal computer? Even his work computer is somewhat private and personally I dont feel people should be going through it. His personal computer though the BSA can't touch! Otherwise, they WOULD have a lawsuit on their hands.

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Some one will sue the BSA because they will somehow blame the BSA for this! And that is wrong, unless the BSA had an inkling something was amiss & did nothing.


If this guy was not in the system anywhere for anything, then all the background checks in the world would come back clean. If this guy is in the system & the BSA overlooked it, then that IS a problem.


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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I have since my surgery been working from home. There is no dress code, yesterday I wore a green sweat shirt with the Scout sign on it. It has collectors edition written on it. I'm not sure what that's all about. Today it was another sweat shirt, this one has what looks like a suede oval with the BSA silver letters. Rumor has it that tomorrow is going to be nice. I'm thinking of wearing a BSA Camp School golf shirt.

I am not embarrassed.

Saddened, but not embarrassed.

I feel sad and sorry for this guys wife and family. I feel sad that he has let the side down.

I was sad when all the all the bad things that were happening in my church became known, not just in this country but also in Ireland. I still hold my head up as being a Irish Roman Catholic.

I am proud to be a member of the BSA. Sure I have over the years had my leg pulled and I feel sure that it will get pulled again. I have never tried to hide the fact that I am active in Scouting.

Child pornography hurts kids and I have no time for it.Mr Smith has brought shame on himself not on me.

I hope that he sees what he has done is wrong and asks the Big Fellow for forgiveness, if he is suffering from some sort of illness or addiction, I really hope that he gets the help that he needs.


I have had nine E-mails and one person stop at the house since this story broke - Where are these people when I need a hand?

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Good grief! 39 years of service and now this? Sad for sure, I'm thinking monumental stupidity as well.

Edited, just found the answer:

From the website:


"In February, a law enforcement official came to the national office in Irving, informed Scout officials of the investigation and told them that no criminal activity had occurred on the premises, Shields said. Smith was immediately placed on leave."


This clears BSA, I think. If he did this off the clock, privately, at his residence, then it all falls on him personally.


(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Trevorum writes:I am so glad that BSA was way ahead of the social awareness curve with regards to youth protectionSadly, BSA was actually behind the curve on this issue.


I'm currently reading "Scout's Honor" (published in 1994) about child molesters in BSA, and it is the author's position that BSA drug its feet on this issue for years, denying they had a problem, preferring to bury the issue everytime they became aware of a pedophile leader.


He notes that other youth serving agencies like Big Brothers actually recognized the seriousness of this issue before BSA and issued policies about dealing with pedophiles before BSA did.


I haven't finished the book, so I don't know if it gets into the creation of the BSA's YP program.

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The ideals of scouting are still intact. The youth protection program was a put togehter by a volunteers who wanted protection for the scouts.


But it hurts when you see some one with 39 years of sevice with the BSA, A Eagle Scout, OA get overcome by things in conflict with Scouting Ideals.



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Youth protection program development was not a race with just one winner. While some may have developed a program before the BSA, there were many, many, more who came much, much, later (and some still not at all).


What gave the BSA's program so much impact was the huge numbers of youth and adult that educated in the topic due to the size of our organization, and the fact that it was a multi-level format. For years our Dept. of Children and Family Services and local law enforcement used our BSA Youth Protection training for their staff training since the State had nothing to train them with on that topic.


Whether we were first or not is irrelevant. Since its beginning millions of adults and youth have recieved the training and very few organizations can have that kind of impact.





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I am aware of no situations where BSA intentionally, knowingly or willfully relocated professionals, or even volunteers, in an effort to cover up any wrong doing. We should be careful in making analogies to the Catholic Church. Unlike the Catholic Church, BSA appears to have done all the right things.


This is a singular incident, and the organization handled it promptly and decisively.



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fotoscout writes:I am aware of no situations where BSA intentionally, knowingly or willfully relocated professionals, or even volunteers, in an effort to cover up any wrong doing.

Read Scout's Honor, which I referred to above.We should be careful in making analogies to the Catholic Church. Unlike the Catholic Church, BSA appears to have done all the right things.I hope you're right -- but until all the facts come out, nobody can say how much the BSA knew about this man's background, or when they knew it.

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