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Does anyone work at a council currently seeking a DE

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No nibbles?


What kind of activities are you doing in you district or council to gain experience and recognition?


The current DE for my district was the Program Director at a council summercamp in 2011. He was hired as a DE at the end of summer camp.


In our council, we are concentrating on rechartering right now. A volunteer might find a role in assisting units in completing the rechartering process.


In January, planning for the FOS campaign goes into full swing. I would suppose that there is an unlimited need for district and council volunteers to make that program work effectively.


If you can update your resume showing current experience with rechartering, Friends of Scouting and recruiting in the spring, I would imagine council decision makers would be impressed by your experience and motivation.

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SP has some good advice.


I know when I was looking for a DE job, I shadowed my DE, helped do some recruiting, etc.


I was also on the district committee as the OA chapter adviser, so I was doing stuff on the district level.


Good luck.


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In the Northeast Region:

Patriots' Path Council (Florham Park, NJ) has two openings




Last I checked, my home council, Theodore Roosevelt Council (Nassau County, Long Island, New York) had openings as well. That said, I'm not sure how anyone could afford to rent a place on Long Island on a DE's salary.

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While West Central Florida is still short a DE for months now, it seems that the "powers above" will not provide candidtaes to interview. Guess their goal of merging out the Council becomes easier when they can use the lack of professionals against the Council in it's performance.

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