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  1. I have heard that the newly formed South GA Council is looking for a DE for a newly created District. They are looking to have someone on board in January.
  2. Wow, what a list. Some personal thoughts on each:I actually see several of those could really work. 1. I really like your idea of providing Richard another opportunity. 2. Is kind of what the National Council did a few years back. A lot of folks were let go, but there should be room for more trimmings. 3. Sounds like an excellent "strategic vision" for the OA in the future. Would serve a much better purpose to some of the things they are asked to do at all levels. 4. Interesting thought. I was surprised a few years back when that nation wide survey went out and the results were lo
  3. Thanks for the welcome to the forum. I have heard folks mentioning items seen on here for a long time, and after spending some time reading them, I just could not sit quiet when I would see things either mispoken or just wrong in my opinion. Since someone earlier asked, and if it helps with any credibility, some of the official roles I have had the pleasure of serving both currently and formerly include: Troop Committee Member, Webelos Leader, District & Council Training Team, FOS Chairman, Council Webmaster, Council, Area, Regional, & National Committee(s) and or Boards.
  4. As hard as it is to believe, not one dime that is raised in FOS or even a percentage is sent off to the National Office. Local Councils simply have a charter fee, which is actually pretty small. National makes thier money off the Uniform cash cow, registration fees, and unit charter fees. Not to mention the cash cows of the Jamboree and the High adventure bases. In most councils, 99% of FOS money is raised by volunteers. DE's serve as campaign managers to support the effort, just as they serve as staff advisors to a host of other activities. The BSA has made a huge effort
  5. I was at the National Meeting, none of this is true. The push is to get more DE's in the field, not less. Despite some opinion's on this board, DE's are a large part of what keeps this movement moving forward.
  6. I am sorry you did not get selected for the staff, now quit trolling.
  7. BS-87 is dead on. The SE would personally handle the situation in this case in all but the largest of councils. In those large ones, the DFS would handle it. Depending on the council, they may elect to involve a Council or District Commissioner, depending on the people and their strengths.
  8. The policy is just dead wrong. The local council does not have any costs associated with you attending a jamboree or NOAC on staff unless they do a bunch of local items (bags, hats, etc) for their participants and they include the staff in those tokens. To extort an FOS gift to serve on National Events staff is just plain wrong and something that needs to be brought to the attention to the various National staff members that can address it, and those are easy to identify.
  9. All interesting comments, but the short answer to the question is, yes, you are going to continue to see council's being merged. It is simply a matter of being thrifty and responsible stewards of funds, funds that have to be spent wisely to get the most benefit to the youth of our communities.
  10. Yes, a change of council can and does happen from time to time. If all the Charter Parnters in a particular area (county) believe that their interest would be better served in a different council, they can petition to be reassigned. The National Council is aware that current council boundries were drawn based on patters at that time, and due to a number of factors, those change. Most often, the construction of an interstate, major employer, or something similar makes life different in a community than it was when a council and its boundries were set up, sometimes over 100 years
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