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I wear several hats in scouting, and have recently added participation as a unit commissioner. Since my first job was advancement chair, I learned to love TroopMaster at an early scouter age. Now I would like to pass on that experience by helping multiple units improve the advancement of their scouts. Does anyone know a way to switch from the Data backup file for one unit to the Data backup file for another. Even if I try to use the same administrative and data encryption passwords, the program seems to recognize only the data entered when the software was first installed.

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I would suggest focusing on your unit commissioner duties. Those will take up enough of your time, especially while you are still new to the position. Spend your time getting to know the leaders, observing unit operations, and looking to see what their actual needs are, if any.


That said, if a unit truly wants your help in what is nothing more than a record-keeping process, then they will need to get their own licensed copy of the software. Afterward, you should train them on a computer they will actually be using the program on (I train people in basic computer tasks, and I learned this from experience). Besides, another unit's records have no business being on your computer.



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I concur with Noles ... focus on the many items the UC needs to concentrate on. You'll have re-charter coming up soon -- and a unit inventory is always in order.


Also ... read this column by "Ask Andy" - http://netcommish.com/AskAndy218.asp - many of the items mentioned here are what a UC should be looking for on a unit visit.


And remember, you "owe" each unit at least one visit per month. Remember that is the minimal goal!


And, lastly, have fun as a Unit Commissioner!

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You need the Troop's license in order to access their software.


However, why on earth would you need, or want, access to a Troop's personal information on it's youth, and their parents? If I was one of those parents I would be royally ticked off if I discovered that my sons Troop was passing this information around.


You are a Unit Commissioner. How about doing that job well.



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Very difficult,IMO. I was on a Troop & a Venturing Crew at the same time. Both had different licenses.. To have two troop masters on the same computer with 2 licenses.. Your asking for trouble!..


As everyone says the normal duties of UC come first. Does your district offer Troop master training? Mine has at the round table, and at some program kick-offs. You can either get members of your unit to go to those. Or see if they cannot either invite you to their home or have their troopmaster with their license & information on a laptop. Where you can sit with them and show them some great tricks.


After all doing it for them would not be the answer. Giving them information and advice that they can use for themselves would be what you would want to do.

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The Unit Commissioner is charged with helping the Unit Leaders to succeed and deliver a great program.


If you want to know more, you can check out the Commissioner's section of the BSA web site:



From the web site:

"Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed. They coach and consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs, Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews. Commissioners help maintain the standards of the Boy Scouts of America. They also oversee the unit charter renewal plan so that each unit reregisters on time with an optimum number of youth and adult members."


If you want even more information, check out the Unit Commissioner's Fast Start program, you don't need to be a Commissioner to take the course:



Now, you should speak with your District Commissioner, or your Scout Executive, if you do not know who your Unit Commissioner is, or, if you have not seen one in a while.


Unit Commissioner's are charged with making at least one unit "contact" per month. Now, that could be coming to a Troop Meeting, a Committee Meeting, visiting the Troop on a Campout, or service project, s phone call with the SM or CC, or even an email.


As an example, tonight, I am conducting Youth Protection training during Patrol Corners at the Troop I work with -- and I expect about 16 adults in the class -- scouters and parents (and possibly some cubbers from the local Pack, that does not have an assigned Unit Commissioner). I am doing this in advance of re-chartering (starts in October down here) so that all their unit leaders will show up on their re-charter packet.


(Those missing YP training, will not be listed on the auto renewal forms, and will need to complete a new Adult Application and attach proof of YP training completion.)


Last week I was at the Troop meeting to conduct an EBoR as the District representative, and check out the Troop meeting. Next week, I have another EBoR at the same troop.


Now, three weeks in a row is a bit "unusual" for me -- but I do normally attend at least one Troop Meeting, or the Committee Meeting, each month.

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