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Where have all the posters gone?

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Didn't there used to be more topics under discussion, and more people discussing them? Has everyone migrated to some other site?


Is there a Scouting group on Facebook that has all the old flame wars going strong?



Has UseNet made a resurgence, and the scouter mailing lists are now overflowing?

Is everyone going to the National site and their new forums?


It just seems a little empty in here...

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I've seen this many times. It's due to the "view recent posts" only looks at topics with activity in the past 24 hours. We just got done with a long holiday weekend state-side (we do have members from around the world on this forum) and so things have petered out. It will pick-up again. Then, come Christmas, it'll peter out again and so on.

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"Nope. We have just discussed everything and solved all the problems. Nothing more to discuss."


Whew, I'm glad we got that sorted. Its probably just that December is kind of busy for most people and kind of light on Scouting for a lot of people. Fortunately not so much for my troop this year, my older Scouts are organizing a winter backpacking trip that they approached me about a month ago. I haven't been able to get these folks (and their now aged out cohorts) to go on a HIKE for the last three years without threatening to feed them to the bears, now they want to go backpacking in the cold???


Its like Christmas came early this year.

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Enjoy the winter backpacking. Very fun. Just make sure you're pretty well prepared. A few things going wrong can be ok, but those aren't much fun as trips to learn from failure. Makes for great stories, though.


I considered the hypothesis that this is just a light week, but it seemed like more than that to me. Now you forced me to go back and test the hypothesis a little bit.


I searched on posts containing the word "the".

The first Wednesday in December this year: 55 posts by 27 posters.

The first Wednesday in December last year (also following Thanksgiving): 152 posts by 60 posters.


Perhaps I should give more credence to the idea that we have actually solved all the problems...

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I always tag the 'Do you wish to be notified via email..." button when I reply to a thread, just like I did just now. But lately, I have not been getting ANY email notifications. That's OK because I don't care much one way or the other...but others might need that 'reminder' to bring them in. I'm guessing that the web site is having some hiccups or something. No big deal.

Plus, I guess all of us may at last be reconciled to Obama and all the other stuff.


Edited to add: GWD, you need to get more sleep! You doin' anything next week, might stop through for BBQ or something.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Got to agree with moxieman, it's the holiday. I didn't even bother going online from the day before Thanksgiving until about this past Sunday night. And much like SequoiaWDL and DancesWithSpreadsheets, I couldn't access the site for love or money on Tuesday.


But fear not - there's always problems somewhere in the world of Scouting.

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