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Venture National Event

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I think this is a good question.


I think that the hardest thing about doing this will be coming up with activities that will interest all the different types of crews.


I asked my son, who is in Sea Scouts, these questions.


His answer to where: Orlando, FL.


He thought there would be enough different things to do in the area that would appeal to all the different types of crews.

He also thought a concert by a well known act should be done.









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Where would you like it? Alaska.


What would you like to see in it?

A 1,200 mile canoe trip with check points along the way. Kinda like Philmont.

Fly fishing, gold panning, rock climbing and rappelling, native American whatever.


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Excellent Question..


Just from my own desires and thinking selfishly.. This is what I would like to see..


Where would I like it at?


Believe it or not.. I would say Lebanon, Kansas. There are adventurous things to do from the Washington mountains to the Keys of Florida, from the forest and woods in Maine to sunny San Diego and lets not leave out the Venturers in BSA Councils from Hawaii to Puerto Rico and USVI to Western Alaska, as well as Transatlantic to the Far East Councils. Lebanon, Kansas is the geographic center of the United States of America. The transportation should be much easier to facilitate than moving a Crew all the way across the continent.


What would I like to see at a National Venturing event?


Well, bonding experiences usually are memorable. National Jamboree is a camping event, while NOAC is a dormitory event. I would like to see a national Venturing event offer the option of both. To bond the Venturers together, I would like to see, adventure in the daytime, and entertainment in the afternoon. I would like to activities that may satisfy or touch upon all five Bronze themes. Exposing all Venturers to Outdoors, Arts and Hobbies, Religious and Community Life, Sports and Sea Scouts during one gathering event.


Nearby Lebanon, Kansas, there are large American Indian reservations in Oklahoma, and many plains Indian tribes and heritage groups. Equally, there are Wild West recreated towns, urban educational science and arts museums and a few amusement parks. An Action Alley of this type would be spectacular. Also, looking at Service to America, BSA has teamed up with some larger known service groups, such as Habitat for Humanity, Venturers could probably provide a half day, maybe a whole day of service at a nearby location. Watching a few thousand Venturing teenagers handing over house keys to a deserving family, I doubt they will ever forget. Maybe the geographic center of North America is not on the scale of high adventure in Washington state or snorkeling off of the Florida coast, but there is a sufficient outdoor experience. Another common bonding experience would be music concerts. With video games you can say E or T rated, but for music selections you would have to say selections that do not have mature audience warning, but a family approved genre of Country music, Rock n Roll, Pop Rock each night.


Probably another question to ask may be when to hold an event like this. At least that would be my third question. I'm sure with college semesters, traditional school year, year-round schooling, multi-track school scheduling and the adult advisors work and vacation limitations. I would recommend early mid June to correspond with Flag Day June 15th.


Virginia is on the East Coast with transportation hubs, and many historic sites. The National Jamboree events are spectacular and combined with the July-August months when many Scouts are traditionally off from school. But beyond human control though, the weather seems to hit the extremes if you are camping for ten (or more) days in Virginia. During the last few National Jamborees there have been natural weather phenomena from hurricanes hitting the East Coast to extreme heat waves. So I would recommend Spring Break time or mid June.


Like I said, these are my own selfish requests... But this is what I would like to participate in, if my Crew were to attend a National Venturing event.


Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv


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When our crew participates in a "national" event involving 10,000 - 15,000+ people, it has nothing to do with the BSA. We, like many of the Venture crews that are not "high adventure" interested in participating in things that are of no interest to us.


With councils struggling to provide district or council wide activities for Venturing, why would anyone think an activity of national proportions be a better draw?



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Can you imagine the depth and breadth of activities that could be available?




Faith sharing






Of course, could you imagine the 4 housing areas in both the dorm city and the tent city?


It IS a shame the the Boy Scout Division is monopolizing the 2010 Jambo to itself. DUMB.

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On the Venturinglist on Yahoo, there was some heavy discussion about trying to organize a National Venturing event.


BTW, the main focus was less on what crew's program is, but on what the Venturers want. Just because your crew is not 'high adventure', should not mean that the members may not want to participate in activities like a ropes course, white water rafting, etc.


The aim was to come up with a set of activites that would appeal to a wide range of Venturers, regardless of thier crew focus.




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