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Venturing Commissoners-A Rare Breed?

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As the Assistant District Commissioner for Venturing, I am supposed to be recruiting Unit Commissioners for Venturing, so far I have found it a rough row to hoe. The normal source of Commissioners for Cubs and Boy Scouts are parents whose youth have gone thruugh the program and want to help out, at least in our council that is. Well, Venturing is young enough so far that there arent a lot of people whose youth have aged out, and those that have are still quite active in Crews. So, where do your Venture Commissioners come from?


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Many moons ago, between my college days (when I served as a ASM) and my parenting days (when I rejoined scouting), I was asked to serve as an Exploring commisioner. Which I did for one year. They approached local businesses that had been supporting of scouting and found young Eagle Scouts who were not currently involved at a unit level. They recruited us to go out and help these units. I think it worked as an effective recruiting tool. The only problem was that the units weren't too interested in having us around.

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Venturing Commissioners are a rare breed indeed, In our council

there are about 30 crews and a lot of Unit Commissioners, but not too many for crews, most are involved with packs, troops. I am the only Venturing Commissioner and I work with 2 crews and do Venturing

Roundtable Commissioner. I was recruited by the District Executive

and he said he needed Unit Commissioners and I said that I would do UC if I could work with Venturing. I just do Venturing. Problem is that Venturing is too little known and seems like when Venturing is done all that is done is the Outdoor Crews and the other crews are little known of . And everyone feels that a Venturer is a Boy Scout looking for a crew, where he can be with young women. This a sad

stereotype. A Venturing commissioner can be a person with a passion for Venturing and willing to work with teens. My commitment is to see Venturing grow and to see a quality Venturing program in my district and council and to see Venturing on equal footing with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

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You're right... Venturing Commissioners are a rare breed. As an Assistant District Commissioner for Venturing as well, I have also noticed the same dilemma: The lack of experienced Venturing leaders wanting to become Commissioners. However, I remembered one thing my DC asked me to become a Commissioner when I turned 21. I hadnt been a Venturing Advisor yet (which is not a requirement), but had been an ASM for 3 years already. I had experience as a youth and earned Silver and Ranger.


The one thing I have learned as a Commissioner, is the new respect Ive earned from the Venturers parents. Do you realize how hard it is to earn respect from parents who feel youre just barely older than their kids (which I am, being 23)? The youth relate to us and are willing to talk to us. Most of these parents now treat me as their son, which is an honor. Being a college student, with hectic schedules from both work and homework, being a Commissioner is the best way to go. I dont have time for most outings or to be committed to one crew every week. But, I do have time for Roundtables, Commissioner meetings, the occasional monthly Crew visits (or phone calls), and the monthly VOA. Since Im an ADC now, Ive recruited two other UCs who have been Venturers before. Since they are also my college buddies, its great to see them and ask them about their Crews while were at a campus party. Its not easy being a young Commissioner, but the respect Ive earned and the leadership experiences Ive learned has actually helped me out in college term papers. Its a win-win situation. As Mastercard says: priceless.



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I just recently moved to a college town.

I am interested in serving as a Venturing Commissioner, but our council is rather large... We'll what I can manage with my school load.


When I served as a Council Youth president for Venturing, I basically ran a Venturing Roundtable complete with Roundtable, training, and awards for our Venturing District. (one district for all of Venturing in the Council - not effective as in the districts I think)


Working with the Roundtable COmmissioner we planned and promoted the event. I did more of the work, but it was successful. THe youth had rides, and the adults had someone to talk to about Roundtable.


I am most interested in possibly serving as a commissioner for my local area. This was a similar but different post, sorry about that.

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Who would have thought that Normal, IL would be known anywhere? Normal isn't very Normal, just full of students coming and going.


It's a neat town though.


The council here has about 8 crews, and 4 our in my district, so I am insterested in some type of a position to work with them.


We'll see. I am hopefully going to be meeting with the local district staff soon to discuss my involvement soon.


Small world, thanks for the welcome.

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