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  1. emb021 "However some boys are only in a Venturing Crew, and they can work toward earning Star-Life -Eagle as a Venturer/Sea Scout and that should be fine." Now are these boys registered in a Troop or did they earn at least First Class Scout in that Troop because if these Venturers or Sea Scouts were never Boy Scouts they cannot earn Boy Scout advancement or merit badges in the crew/ship. your first point is correct but your second point is not specific. Silver Award may be Eagle Equivalent but Venturing Reference Guide in the back of the Venturing Leader Manual does not say. Hence my question
  2. John in KC Good Luck to your son he sounds like he is having a blast and will achieve his goal.
  3. What can be done to modernize Venturing for a 21st Century BSA I believe the model crew for this modernization could be. #1. Specialty oriented, youth led, democratically elected. #2 Looking more toward the future remembering the roots where Venturing has it's roots in more of the pre-98 traditional BSA Exploring program but an eye for the future. Maybe some new kinds of sports programs with a definite outdoor adventure feel, Snowboarding comes into mind,and more re-enactor crews, Venturing Honor Society co-ed and Venturing and Sea Scouting oriented, but not based on rank or award level but m
  4. Please correct me if I am wrong, Is that Venturing is about youth run programming, Venturers elect their own youth leadership and can plan their own program and they can Hike the Appalachian Trail or Canoe Lake Erie if that is what the crew elects to do. Also young men and women work together to get the program going. Can youth elect to include a crew wide Recognition program as well. Venturing is also about Leadership and learning to lead at a future time and to carry these skills with them as they leave the crew and head to college, the military, or their future careers. I do believe that Ve
  5. Are there still Mariner Girl Scouts?
  6. I have two questions about rank and advancement in Venturing but first I realize that advancement and recognition in scouting is up to the youth. Now that being said here goes. Do Venturing Crews encourage Venturing recognition and awards much? And, should crews still have where a male Boy Scout still can earn his Star,Life and Eagle in the Crew? I believe if a young man or woman in a crew or ship is interested in earning awards then ok. But I also believe that we sometimes overwhelm youth with a myriad of scouting even in Venturing. I know that some crews don't encourage advancement
  7. On the net there is a category for Venturing Honor Societies and it lists Corps of Discovery, Member of the Year, Order of the Trident as well as the Order of the Arrow, I guess because there are so many Boy Scouts that are Venturers in the OA still. Corps of Discovery would probably be the best bet because of it's flexibility and adaptability to the crew program. But COD does honor the Lewis and Clark expedition and within the COD there is a Permanent Party the membership rules for COD is a male or female Venturer or Sea Scout nominated by their crew and one adult leader can be elected by the
  8. Corps of Discovery is what some councils are using for a Venturing Honor Society. COD is flexible and more crew oriented and can be tweeked. Our council was considering the COD approach for Venturing Crews here. It is hard to get something like this into Venturing though because so many of the male Venturers that are Boy Scouts are already in the OA and also because of time considerations many of the youth in the program do not really want to have another activity to be responisble for. Female Venturers seem luke warm to the idea and in the VOA here when they were asked about a Venturing
  9. Ok this what I understand the difference is between Sea Scouts and Venturing. Sea Scouts are in the Venturing Division and really can be a co-ed scouting program under Venturing. Sea Scouts have a more nautical program but this does not hinder them from being more imaginative on their ship program am I right here? If so let me continue I do know of a Venturing crew that is a Sea Scout ship as well, impossible you say well they are right here in the Council that I do commissioner work in. But when they meet they meet the same night but the crew meeting is first and then the ship meeting
  10. Can aquatic interest Venturing Crews be affiliated with Sea Scout Ship and do a similar program to what a ship does. Maybe something like seamanship interest or mariner interest. These crews be marine interest but attend regattas and Sea Scout events and could they be a part of a fleet, squadron, or flotilla , as well as part of the district?
  11. General Interest crews where a crew can do the outdoor program as well as do an arts and hobby thing like produce and act in plays or if they do it in school they can get the credit to earn the Bronze award in Arts and Hobbies. Sailing, scuba, urban adventure visit a large city. Service projects in the community,Out to dinner a Venturing Crew can do mostly anything they want to. Even if they are in a specialty area in a certain cluster that does not prohibit them from doing different things. The idea is keep the youth interested and active. Too many people put Venturing in the traditiona
  12. bluegoose Why did your crew discontinue the COD idea?
  13. Fuzzy Bear Thanks for your post, I get what you are talking about. I get pretty excited about this.
  14. I am a Unit Commissioner I work with Venturing, I do not consider myself a spy for District or Council. I enjoy trying to help the crews I visit on crew meeting nights, I have helped them to do Camporees visited with them at a special needs camporee. I get involved with the crews. I visit VOA Meetings, This Unit Commissioner is visible to the crew he services. I have cruised the net getting them information on new improvements in Venturing. I attended Venture Quest to obtain information for my crew. I attend District Meetings. Now please do not mis-understand me I am not bragging. Bu
  15. Old Grey Eagle You may want to check out a website that has some very cool but unusual Venturing things on it. But it is also very informative try www.sageventure.com you may find what you are looking for.
  16. Old Grey Eagle Current Boy Scout Catalog has some things for Powderhorn check there
  17. OGE Thanks for the info on the COD it sure does help. YIV Dana
  18. Eamonn Do not worry about the top layer of all the council and district and national committee people in Venturing and Sea Scouting. If you feel you would like to start a ship then go ahead and do it. Study the current Sea Scout Manual find a chartering organization, organize a ship's committee get recruiting information out to the youth and learn as you go. Take one step at a time and do not sweat the small mundane things. As soon as you can have a ship election for ship's officers and go from there the youth on the ship will come up with a program. Encourage advancement becau
  19. Keep it interesting and let the youth run the crew. Have an open mind and a open heart and guide where you can. Venturing is different than Boy Scouts in that the youth are older. Venturing also is not as regimented as a troop. The advisor is just that an advisor and advises the crew youth leaders. If you have a co-ed crew then you will need co-ed leaders. To do that just invite the mothers along until you can get female advisors.Hang on,if they like it they will make it go.
  20. I was at a roundtable recently, and my District Commissioner informed me of the Corps of Discovery this is an idea for a Venturing Honor Society it has been around for at least 5 or 6 years and now it has a flap patch and many other councils have been promoting it. This is open to both crews and ships and can be co-ed and can give OA a break from feeling the pressure to admit female Venturers. Is it in your council? If so, was it easy to bring in. From what I read it is up to the crews to incorporate it and hold crew elections. If anyone is involved in this please let me know. YIV Dana
  21. Eamonn;If you are unsure about Venturing, why not try Sea Scouting they are a part of the Venturing Division and do have uniforms and advancement and are broken down into crews (similar to patrols) and are co-ed and are ages 14-21. The Sea Scout Manual outlines the program and they can do a landship. If you can get them water occasionally. There are many activities they can do. The Northeast Region has quite a few activities for Sea Scouts. Oh by the way ships and crews can be either all male, all female or co-ed and that is up to the sponsoring organization.In either case check out
  22. Congratulations to all who scouts both land and Sea who proudly served both their Country and Chartering Organization by participating in flag ceremonies and marching.
  23. OGE I enjoyed meeting and talking with you at Venture Quest 2005 This was the first kind of event like this we have been to and we enjoyed it. Northeast Ventruring Regional President give her our best and we enjoyed her presentation and learned a lot from it. Hope to see you at the next Venture Quest. Thanks Dana
  24. Could Venturers do a large event similar to the National Jamboree? This would be for Venturers, Sea Scouts, and would last about a week. Each council could send a contingent crew with 4 adult leaders assigned to each crew. Venturers could do outdoor events, arts and hobbies events, religious organizations that have crews could have exhibits, sea scouts could bring in boats and do demonstrations, there could be competitions. Could councils partner on an idea such as this. It would start out small and then progress from there. This event could be every 4 years same as Jamboree. Any ide
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