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Big Dog,


Our troop just went there last month and had a great time. Check out the York-Adams Council website. They offer a unique "Gettysburg Historic Trails" Patch set & Award if you follow their program. This really helped us get more out of the trip. It was a stretch to get all the required elements in, but we did a whole lot more than anyone expected. We just gave out the Patches & Awards to the 13 scouts that participated and they were all really "fired up".



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Hey Big Dog,


We're coming from around Chicago and should be there on March 30th and staying until Sunday, April 3rd. Our Easter Vacation. They chose this over the 50 miles of backpacking we did last Easter Vacation.


April 2, Big Campfire



Hot Tub post hike


Visitor Center and electric map

Historic Town Walk

Johnny Reb trail

Haunted Gettysburg walks

Eisenhower Farm

Heritage Trail Medal

York Councils Gettysburg patches

Guided Battlefield Tour


any more items and ideas, please....


& just good old camping!!!


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I definately recommend staying at the McMillan Woods campsite.


When you do the 9-mile (probably longer) "Billy Yank" trail, I would recommend you start right from the McMillan Woods Campsite and hike accross the Battlefield to the Visitor Center. This leg is at the end of the path if you follow the book. Once at the visitor center, follow the directions from the guide book until you get back the last turn accross the battlefield. You will be just a 1/4 mile from the Campground. This way you don't need to drive to the start/finish point and will cover the same distance.


The "horse" trails were extreemly Muddy near "Big Round Top" Some of our "sneaker clad" scouts had to dig their shoes out of the mud!!



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Our troop when we went down last year used Artillery Ridge campground. I believe they charge 5 bucks a person per night. They also have individual showers their also. So it did save a trip. I would say the site is less then 5 mintues away (driving wise) from visitor center. Call the number i they are open during march at least becuas ethey have an activities thing for March on their calender.


We did the whole Gettysburg Trail in 2 days and one night and left about 4 or 5 PM on the second day home. WE did cyc, the map, farm, in the morning. I would start around 8 or 9 when the palces open. THen after the map and cyc head over to the farm. Eat Lunch, do the 9 miler, get back to cmap to get cleaned up then eat. We went out to Hoss's which was on the other side of town but a very nice dinner after a long day. We as a group were put in the baclk and had a room to ourselves. THere was room for 2 other large groups but none were dinning. YOu'll day will probably end around 10 PM at night. 2nd day you'll have to time for gift shopping and stuff.

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We stayed at the group sites on the battlefield.Nice place, you have to get on the list Jan. 1 or you won't get in. but we weren't travelling from Chicago either. Good luck, listen to a tape of the book, On Angels Wings, on the way there, it puts things in perspective when you get there.

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