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The more I research this venturing program the more I like it. Not only can the kids focus on a particular interest such as outdoors, sports , arts, etc; they learn valuable life skills that are so important for older scouts. I watched the crew put their heads together last night and pour over maps and trailguides in preparation for an uocoming backpack trip. The CA and I (associate CA) stood back and out of the way. Their plan is to get it all figured out, then have us go over it with them to be sure everything is covered. Our plan is to do just that. Not pick apart their plan but only point out things that would be obviously unsafe. They have been reading their books evidently as they are aware of what kinds of things to include for working towards bronze. I am a firm believer in giving them the tools they need and getting out of their way.


We definitely want to get all the training we can. Council is setting up the VLSC for us and several other new crews. I will research the Powderhorn as well. Thanks for suggestions. It's great to hear from folks about their experiences.



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Mom, where are you located? You can private Message me if you wish. One Crew in our Council just hosted 6 other crews in a Cardboard Boat Regatta, it was incredible, some of the boats actually floated. Others, such as ours, did not, but it was a great day. BTW, all attending crews were Co Ed, talk about mainting "discipline Yikes!

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Powderhorn is a Region approved, council run training course for Venturer leaders. It teaches leadership skills, administration, and practicle outdoor skills. It also serves to train Venturer Leaders to train others.


To find out about courses in your area, call your local council. If no one there knows, suggest that they call the Regional office and ask.


Also, if you run an internet search on Powderhorn, I'm sure you'll run across some more detailed information.



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