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Earlier today, I posted as to what "National Camp School" was.


In a nutshell it is a training administered by the region.


It got me wondering, what do the BSA regions do? Granted I am sure they are there for administrative purposes since there are over 300 councils, but it got me wondering.


What kind of things do the regions do and what services are offered by the Regions?


I have been around a while, but it seems a bit of a mystery to me. I am sure there are folks here that have had experience at that level and know, so can anyone shed some light on that. I have also heard of "Areas" and don't have a clue of that one either.


Here in the Central Region, I am especially bewildered. The other 3 regions all have thier own websites, but not here in the Central Region. On top of that, it is a bit of a chase to track down those websites for the regions...kinda hunt and peck through google to find them.



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By and large we as volunteers have little interest in the Regions.


The Regions (which are further subdivided into Areas) are there to help out the councils. There are various Regional level volunteers and professionals that set goals and assist the councils with a variety of things.


Certain training for the councils are done at the Regional levels, such as Wood Badge Course Director Conferences, Powder Horn CDC, and Kodiak/Kodiak X CDCs. As mentioned before, the National Camping Schools are run at the Regional levels. Because there are no Regional or Area events, by and large, most are unaware of the Regions. There are, however, OA Section Conclaves/Conferences, and Sea Scout Regional events and a few Venturing Area or Regional events, but these are rare.


So if you are a unit-level volunteer, unless you are involved in stuff like the above, its not a big thing.


Actually, the Southern Region has only recently (within the last 6 months) gotten a website, so do feal so deprived.

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Here's some official speak...


"The mission of the Region is to provide liaison between the National Council and local councils to achieve the purposes of Scouting and to maintain the standards, policies and procedures established by the Boy Scouts of America. The region is responsible for the achievement of approved goals and for the effective operation of each of its councils. The region is also responsible for the proper alignment of councils, for assuring sufficient volunteer and professional leadership in each council, and for assuring the effective funding of each council."


"The Region is divided into Areas for the purpose of service delivery, communications and maintaining standards. The area committee consists of regional committee members residing in the geographic area and members at large recruited from the councils. At the time of the Regional Annual Meeting, Area Presidents are elected and become members of the Regional Executive Committee. Area Presidents in consultation with the Area Director may structure such cluster vice presidents and committees required to carry out the service and communications functions. These functions include Council Charter Review, Camp Visitation and Certification, Charter Partner Relationships, Promotion of National and Regional events and providing for special council needs or concerns. "

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Here are the Region website addresses:

Central Region site . . .http://central.oa-bsa.org/

Northeast Region site . . .http://northeast.oa-bsa.org/

Southern Region site . . .http://southern.oa-bsa.org/

Western Region site . . .http://western.oa-bsa.org/

Surf Away !! What was even harder, when I needed it, was trying to find the mailing addresses for the region - that took some digging, but I now have them (all of the them) if anyone needs them.

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National Venturing Youth Cabinet: http://www.nationalventuringyouthcabinet.org/


Central: www.crventuring.org


Northeast: www.nerventuring-bsa.org


Southern: www.srventuring-bsa.org


Western: www.wrventuring-bsa.org


(these are ALL official, btw).


Sea Scouts.


National: http://www.seascout.org/


Central- http://www.crventuring.org/Program_Pages/Sea_Scouting/


Northeast- http://neregion.seascout.org/


Southern- http://sregion.seascout.org/


Western- http://wregion.seascout.org/


(AFAIK, these are all official, as the Regional Commodores & Boatswains are involved with them)

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