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  1. Can't hurt!! I will give it a whirl and send your message around.
  2. Our Church chartered partner decided there was already two much going on already that day, so has "postponed" Scout Sunday til March. We will celebrate then with scouts doing the greeting, ushering, hopefully as readers, and maybe will find a scout to acolyte.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND THE NEW EAGLE SCOUT !! My youngest has his Eagle BOR tonight . . .
  4. As it turns out, we were able to find a copy of the video, had it all set up to play, and the youth arrowman that presented all the awards did not follow the script and video was not played. However, we did not have the official awards to present either because a we did not receive a call from the council stating they were in - so, that will get played when we present the official awards. All in All, the banquet was a success.
  5. New Year Greetings to Fellow Arrowmen and Scouters!! I am in need the Founders Presention video for our OA banquet tonight (I leave for the banquet in 3 hours - it's now 1 PM CST). I was hoping someone might this presentation in an electronic copy that could be sent to me by email. I'm keeping my fingers crossed while also pursuing other avenues to get ahold of the VHS video that our Lodge has. Thanks
  6. Eagle Foot, I would love see the program outlines on those camporees. We are always looking for new ideas and themes on camporees. By the way, I would love to experience a camporee of that size. I am in a small council and if we get anywhere between 75 and 125 at a camporee for our district, we are extremely happy campers!!
  7. Here are the Region website addresses: Central Region site . . .http://central.oa-bsa.org/ Northeast Region site . . .http://northeast.oa-bsa.org/ Southern Region site . . .http://southern.oa-bsa.org/ Western Region site . . .http://western.oa-bsa.org/ Surf Away !! What was even harder, when I needed it, was trying to find the mailing addresses for the region - that took some digging, but I now have them (all of the them) if anyone needs them.
  8. Congratulations to you and your scout!! Definitely a proud moment. Like EagleInKy, I too, hope to be there soon - eagle project done, merit badges done, need SM conference, paperwork turned in, and Eagle BOR.
  9. Thank you for all your replies! As a follow up, I called a member of our Council's Risk Management committee and was told the following: No, we do not need to file a tour permit to hold the event, but we should be collecting/charging an "insurance" fee (I think in our Council we usually charge about $1.50 per day per event) and include this as a budget item for the event. I do remember seeing that mentioned in either the GOA or FOG. We were also told that if any parent or adviser is driving more than one scout and at least one scout is not their child, then those driving need to file the
  10. Do Lodges need to file tour permits for local OA Events? Our Lodge does file them to attend section conclaves and to attend COC meetings, but we have never filed them for regular LEC meetings (that I am aware of) or when LLD Training has been scheduled. I have been a member of our Lodge for two years, and this is the first time this topic has come up. We are having an LLD Session this weekend and ending the session with an LEC meeting, and I was told by an adviser yesterday that this needed to be done (that adviser has been around the Lodge for three or four years and this is the first time
  11. Greetings from Minnesota !! I am a long time scouter and a long time reader of this forum, but a new "registered" participant of the forums. Just want to say Hi !!
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