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Giant OA Sash-Banner

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Fellow Arrowmen,


As my local Chapter is growing again and having more activities. Our youth Arrowman are conducting a few ceremonies each year.


One thing that I've seen, as we researched OA literature, newsletter ideas and material from other Lodges and Chapters. Occasionally there are giant OA sashes (Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil), behind the ceremony team and fire.


These Giant OA Sashes appear to be purchased vinyl banners probably from commercial advertisement/sports banner companies. (not like the square banner flag, sold on the National OA Trading Post page). They vary from lodges and webpages, sometimes they appear to be about 4 foot, other OA Lodge website photo galleries sometimes show banners to be about 8 foot (or taller).


My question. Does your Chapter/Lodge have giant ceremony sashes? Does any Advisor know where they were purchased from? Where my Chapter can purchase a similar "Giant OA Sashes"?



Scouting Forever and Venture On!

Crew21 Adv




P.S. A couple images I could search/find today, with giant sashes in the background.






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I think our chapter has three 6' sashes and they are vinyl.


Usually see them hanging in front of the dining hall on OA weekends.


Any local sign shop could probably make them up....(This message has been edited by dg98adams)

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Actually, National makes large vinyl sashes. They aren't in the catalog to my knowledge, as I think they come from OA National, but they are for sale (if you know who to talk to) at NOAC.


My lodge has a set of 3 large wooden sashes, about 6-7 feet tall (they actually fold in half). We also have a set of "windfeather" sashes. the Windfeather company makes these and have done so for several lodges.

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I've never seen these, but I'd pick the canvas option instead of vinyl - would seem to look more natural as a ceremonial backdrop. Plus, the material's a bit more rugged.


Corral an artistic Arrowman or or two, get some white canvas and red paint, and put 'em to work. Find someone who can hem the edges and put grommets in, and you're golden.

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Why make them yourself vs. ordering them?


- Thrift.

- Creative pride.

- Showcasing the skills of your Arrowmen.

- Items that are handmade with evident care and skill are far more likely to be taken good care of and passed down through the years vs. things that can be replaced in a pinch through Amazon.

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