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  1. Does anyone know what the pricing for vinyl sashes would be? Also do you know how to get them from national? I would love to have these for our fall fellowship next month.
  2. The talk of videotaping ceremonies has made me think about having my adviser videotape them for us to use to improve our skills. In regards to video I would say that if it is not for the purpose of critique then don't hit record, too much of a chance that a non-member could fins it and have there possible future experience ruined.
  3. As an avid photographer, my lodge's ceremonies team chair and a ceremonialist myself I have no problem with photographing the ceremony and I personally enjoy getting to see things afterward from a different perspective. I completely agree about the note about no flash or noise. In our lodge most of these photos are used for internal promotion and publications although we do plan to post these images to our website as that gets done.
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