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OA boxers, any body heard of these?

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And to think that all these years I thought that we kept Scouting close to our hearts.

"I've got that Scouting spirit all over me" Now has new meaning.

Just don't let it show in Louisiana. Or you could end up in hot water.


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Of course we don't know what a shot glass is or what it is used for.

Again this could give new meaning to "Scouting Spirit"

If you are buying I like mine from that little country that sits on top of England. No ice.


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My son has both the NOAC and the 2001 Jambo boxers. (He has some from Hooter's, too.)


When my daughter was in Middle School, on the cheerleading squad one of the cheers was:


"I've got spirit in my britches and it really, really itches....."


I guess that would be very applicable to the Scouts, huh?? ;)


Oh - and after some complaints by the parents - that little ditty disappeared from the cheer book!



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