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  1. yup.... eagle chapter chapter secretary
  2. tell your son i said congrats!!!! WOOT!!!!
  3. has anyone been informed as to whether or not they are changing when elections are to be held or is that just in my lodge?
  4. thats not what i read... i read that they aare to have separate sites.... that means sep tents(or cabins or whatevers), facilities, etc, what it is is that BSA doesnt want to get sued for rape, assault, any unplanned pregnancies, or sexual harrassment
  5. no, they cant camp together... if you have a co-ed crew, the males and females must have separate campsites, and the crew exists to help the troop out with advancements and other stuff like that
  6. yes... but, the voice is kind of creepy, and its scary
  7. always prepared, i found out what it was, and i am now a brotherhood member...
  8. thank you for clearing that up
  9. absolutely... it gives me some structure in my life...
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