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Oh, I don't think it is in the bag. There are some who will not come out.


About people not changine their mind with the debates.. At least in this election it is true. But if you think at least my veiw is not based on analyzing the policies and views of each candidate. Then you need to read the older post. I might dislike Romney for his flip-flopping, say anything to close the deal personality. But, I also know what each canidate is proposing to implement and on Romney's part to take away.. You might not have details, but you can have an opinion on what you like or dislike on the overall plan, the details will not matter accept if not doable. Like I know I don't like removing funding for Green Energy and giving all funding to Natural fuel. I don't need to know the details to the plan. I don't like allowing states to choose how who the will allow to come in an mine their Lands that use to be federally preserved based on how much money they bribe it with.. Also not paying attention to what the other states are doing and considering that all of the state stripping their lands of the forests will leave the whole country barron. I don't need to know the details.. I also do not need to know the details of deregulating Wall Street.. I have lived through the effects of that.


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I said 1960, not the 50's and do you think the shinanigans in Chicago voting ended then? Indeed, are you willing to say all Democrats everywhere are totally above reproach and would never do anything to steal any election?


Is that a horse you think you can ride?


I beleive in scouting, but I am not willing to say everyone who is a member of the BSA upholds 100% of our ideals 100% of the time.


All humans have their frailities and to be blinded by that is not being realistic


Do we want to get into a corruption citation war? Sorry, I could be on both sides and give reams of malfeasance from both sides.


The Parties platforms see to be summed up as Democrats = We need more time to do what we need to do and Republicans = Had enough? Try us,


Not much specific on either side


Kruschev was wrong, they wont buty us, it will be an inside job



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You know, for all the ink given to Chiago election shenanigans in 1961, no one has ever proved it to be true. Even now, 51 years later, it's all still just alleged. Heck, even the Illinois Election Board back in 1961, with 4 Republicans and 1 Democrat, unanimously voted not to accept the challenge to the results by the Republican party because they couldn't provide any proof. The real story is that the worse that can be proven is that Cook County delayed providing their results until the results from the rest of the state came in (and that was the source of the scurillous slurs against Daley and Chicago, that Daley must have been holding up the results so they could figure out how many new votes they needed to create in order to tip the balance - an accusation with no proof - in fact, I'd say it was a preview of the kind of "some people say" reporting garbage that Fox News is a master of) and there was no crime in that as the results were posted on time.





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I am not saying they must be lily white. It is politics after all.. But, accept keeping blacks from voting, there has never been this sort of "In your face" cheating going on. Some of the behind the scenes cheating is now coming to light, and it just makes you wonder how bold they will be with their clandestine cheating.


Here is the difference. If any cheating from the Democrats do come to light, I will say it is wrong for them to be doing it. It will not make me change who I vote for, as then we would have proof both are playing games. Still two wrongs would not make a right, so it would be wrong.


That is something you seem incapable of doing. Instead when the cheating of your party is blatantly obvious you feel perfectly justified because it may have been done in 1960, by the democrats.. And maybe somewhere the Democrats might be doing something, somewhere.


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But, accept keeping blacks from voting, there has never been this sort of "In your face" cheating going on.


Really? So it's never happened that polls stay open later than normal in majority-black neighborhoods? It's never happened that Dem operatives pay homeless people to vote? (Not saying that the GOP doesn't buy votes too -- I just don't buy into the idea that one side cheats like crazy while the other side is pure as the driven snow.)

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Interesting observation here:


"Heres snapshot of the race heading into the first presidential debate: Amid anti-American turmoil in the Middle East, Gallup finds the president leading his GOP challenger 45 to 42 percent. Despite continuing bad economic news, Gallup also reports that 48 percent of American say they have confidence in the presidents ability to deal with the economy up five points since June while confidence in his opponents economic stewardship has dropped nine points in the same period.

Good news for the Democratic incumbent? Think again.

Those were the findings of the Gallup poll on Oct. 28, 1980 one week before Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in a landslide. A late October CBS News/New York Times poll gave Carter a similar lead over Reagan, 42-39 percent."





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Your right OGE, the more I read these threads, the closer I come to becoming Democratic, because I see it will be a L-O-N-G time for your party to ever come back to sanity.


The late closing in black or poor districts is to the game playing. You can not shut the door on people because time is up, but must allow everyone in the voting line to vote. If you play games of limiting early voting and having not enough booths for the amount of people voting in the district, in order to create the 4 to 8 hour long lines, you might succeed in discouraging people to vote, but you can not close the door until the 4 to 8 hour backup is finished. Don't play the games, you wont get the waiting line.


Eagle732 - Nice story, those are coming in, in alot of states problem is, when checked the people listed are perfectly alive.. It is also being used to harrass people with having to prove citizenship.. So far the Republicans are simply making more work for those who have other work to prepare for the elections, because they have to check it out, but it is total bunk, or a sprinkling of recent deaths.. People are not removed because some lunetic sends stuff in, but the accusations forces the need to check them out causing these people to be over-taxed. This is really just a Republican suppression tatic..


Here the other side of the story..



But let's take your story at face value.. it states.

Kelleher she isn't alleging widespread fraud, she says she thinks most of this is the result of bad bookkeeping on behalf of the state and many local elections boards.



Not really a smoking gun of Democratic fraud.

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I have dead relatives by marriage who are still voting in Memphis. One died over 20 years ago and the other over 30. The family has complained many times to get their names removed. They were changed from Republican to Democrat in the primaries after they died. Much Democrat voter fraud in Memphis. Democrats fight to not purge voter roles, to not require identification, etc. In other words, they fight everything to prevent voter fraud because it benefits them. Such ethics are disgusting and not deserving of support from the public. The Obama WH supporting Black Panthers intimidating voters is disgusting. Moosetracker, your head is in the sand on this issue.

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If.. If.. it's done, well then I will say it is wrong.. But, somehow I find this hard to believe? Why?



1) Tennessee is not a swing state. It would take alot of dead democrats to turn Tennessee blue.. And your elected government officials (who would oversee the voter registration) are republicans.. Why are they not overseeing the registers and cleaning them up?

2) If you have proof they are used for voting. Call the FBI.. It's a federal offense. Why has your family not done so?

3) With all these Voter ID laws and court battles against them, the republicans are charged with providing proof of the need for them, they can't find any except a few states that don't give someone recently released from prison their voter rights, and the ex-con tries voting without knowledge they do not have that right back.. Why is your family or the state of Tennessee not being good Republicans and helping out with the needed proof, they so desperately looking for..


Somehow this "My family has a story", still is not the sort of "In your face" proof that Democratic party is as dirty as the Republican party.. Doesn't meet the smell test.. But, if it is done, it would be wrong, besides a total waste of time in trying to rig elections in being ludicrous to do so in a totally red state..


But, if Obama wins in Tennessee I will take your allegations more seriously.(This message has been edited by moosetracker)

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Thus has been going on over 20 years so has nothing to do with this election in particular. The area is heavily Democrat and the family has seen retribution for doing more than contesting the situation. Not aware of Republicans keeping legitimate voters from voting but witnessed democrats in the south actively trying to keep African Americans from voting. Why would the WH drop a case against the Black Panthers for intimating voters? They had been found guilty and the case was at the sentencing stage when Holder and the WH dropped it? They are not concerned with voter rights but getting elected. In my lifetime, the democrat party has been charged with voter fraud more than Republicans by a wide margin. The WH is not enforcing laws to assure that the Armed Forces get their votes counted presumably because they vote Republican. Those two cases alone are disgusting.

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vol_scouter - your story gets more & more unbelievable. But, again if you can PROVE dead men voting Democrat go to the FBI.


makes no sense Democrats keeping black people from voting.. African Americans are totally Democrat voter, except a few stragglers, Republicans poll at 0% black vote, so very low.. But, you are saying your area is highly Democrat in a Red State, yet in this area the Democrats find the African American vote as being highly Republican so they are being suppressed by the Democrats.. Which if this got out, would hurt the Democrats with all African Americans nationally...


You my friend live in a topsy turvy world..


Sounds more like Republican tricks that they are blaming on the Democrats, but it doesn't hold up as logical.

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