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The Democratic Field

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On the first page BadenP said:


"All I can say is that the first line of your post does much to carry on the stereotype of the uneducated southerner."


I'm surprised that you resort to an ad hominem defense so quickly.

However, in the interest of bipartisanship and good manners, let me point out that the 'S' in Southerner is capitalized; whether y'all are uneducated or not.

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On the global warming, you are out of your element. The proper analogy is that 85-90% of the engineers say that a bridge is unsafe not because they believe it to be so but rather because the politicians who provide the funding for their research want them to reach that conclusion and will defund them in the future if they do not tow the line. The other 10-15% point out the obvious flaws in data collection and that the models being used do not work correctly so that the models are flawed at best and more likely just plain old wrong. So in the proper analogy, who do you believe? I know many climate scientists who will say privately that AGW is not supported by the data but will never do so in public. Why? Look what happens to those who disagree after the liberal media tears them apart on spurious points. If the models cannot predict the weather trends next month, then they cannot predict them over centuries. That is sheer nonsense.


As to the financial crisis, the lending institutions were making bad loans that came home to roost. The democrats were forcing that behavior. The fancy investment instruments (most were devised by physicists and mathematicians who were not able to get traditional jobs so went to Wall Street and devised systems that the business folks do not understand but use nonetheless) contributed to the problems but the housing market collapse would not have been as deep or severe if the loans being made were good loans.

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