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Penn & Teller on the Boy Scouts on Monday

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Your comparison is actually right on the mark. The only difference, Ron Hubbard didnt use the Bible as a springboard for his science fiction. With that said, the Mormons that I have met, are some of the most likeable and loving people on this planet. Unfortunately, I see them as following a God that sprang from the mind of Joseph Smith, and only exists today through the minds of those that have been drawn into Mormonism.




I understand that you were just echoing what you read elsewhere and did not necessarily endorse those words as your personal thoughts on the matter. Sorry for the mix up...I didn't intend to link you to their teachings.




You know, if I threw an assortment of nuts and vegetables into a frying pan with a fish, cooked it up, and threw them all onto one serving plate thered still only be one fish. Do you understand what Im trying to say?(This message has been edited by Rooster7)

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Sure do, only one true way like I said. I understand completely;)

I sure wish they made those little wafers so they tasted like fish. Yum!


Edited part: OK, did a little looking -


Mormons think they ARE Christians. Now to let the religious wars begin....


Also very interesting:

http://home.teleport.com/~packham/lds-xian.htm(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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Rooster, I think we may have found a mutual perspective, a kind of detente! I completely understand your feelings about Mormons - it is very much the same way I feel about Christians, who are truly some of the most likeable and loving people on this planet. I see them as following a God that sprang from the minds of ancient near eastern nomads (as opposed to Chinese horticulturalists, rain-forest hunter-gatherers, or Nordic seafarers).

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Just curious... How many of you actually answer your door when you see 2 young men in suits walking the neighborhood? I used to always answer and talk politely with these Mormon missionaries, even though I disagree with their views. A couple weeks ago, though, I was sitting at the computer, and saw a pair walking to my front door. I'm feeling a little guilty now, that I didn't answer the door.




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Sure do, only one true way like I said. I understand completely.


Perhaps, but my point was not just to say that there is only one truth - or one waywhich I certainly believe. The second half of my point is that there is a fish buried under all those nuts and vegetables. Many charlatans may exist, but their existence does not void the reality of the true God. Or to use another analogy - the existence of many snake oil salesmen does not negate the veracity of real medicine. Nor does the existence of many snake oil salesmen add to their own value or subtract from the value of real medicine. Only a fool would accord all of them and their claims equal respect, simply because some of their claims have popular appeal.


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"the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International charters Troop 8"


Well, a CO doesn't have to profess a belief in God to be a CO. After all, lots of secular organizations can charter units.


But can a Scientologist (who professes no belief in any form of god as part of the Scientology faith) be a member of the BSA (either as youth or leader)? Or am I mistaken about the role (or lack thereof) of any gods in the Scientology religion?


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I always answer the door when the Mormons show up! I've gotten into some very spirited discussions with these young men! These guys know there bible & Book of Mormon! But they do take offense when you tell them they are a cult & not Christians. Sometimes they get downright ps**ed off!


Mormons think they ARE Christians


And suicide bombers think they are doing good! Both are wrong.


Ed Mori

Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10

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People believe what they want to believe. Who am I to say they are right or wrong.


You are, presumably - a thinking, rational human being, who can ingest information, juxtapose it against the facts as you have come to trust them, and come to a logical conclusion. While we are all fallible, that fact should not stop one from forming or expressing reasoned opinions. If we do not distinguish between reasoned opinion and unreasoned opinion, then all opinions will be given equal weight. This is an injustice, not just to those individuals who hold reasoned views, but to anyone seeking the truth.


Scientologists, Mormons, Catholics, Baptists all believe things that I don't agree with. However, its their right to believe it.


This above statement is completely different than the first and I agree with it. While I maintain the right to disagree with a particular viewpoint, I respect the right of others to hold that view. In other words, I will not harbor ill will towards those who do not understand and believe the same things that I do. However, I maintain my right as a thinking person to disregard, even hold in contempt, viewpoints which are unreasoned and/or represent values which are contrary to my own. If Scientologists want to embrace Ron Hubbards view of the world, that is their choice. You certainly wont see me trying to persecute them for it. Yet, I can and do find those beliefs to be inane, and my opinion of those who embrace such a view is worsened. That is, when someone tells me that they have embraced as truth, a version of history and a belief in God that stems from the imagination of Ron Hubbarda man reputed to have made this quote: "The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion" I have to conclude that this person is extremely gullible or ignorant or both. Similarly, if someone tells me that they believe in Satanism, then I have to conclude that such a person has embraced evil. Again, not something that will enhance my opinion of that individual. Still, it is their choice. My Godmy faithdoes not call upon me to harass these persons or to do them harm. I am called to speak the truth.


We are thinking personsand we should draw distinctions when there is plenty of evidence to do so. To discredit allor to give credence to all, simply because one is overwhelmed by an abundance of claims, is not a reasoned approach. In fact, when folks defame all faiths as being superstitious I find this to be most ironic, because most folks have not done enough searching to make such a claim. So why do they make that claim? Why do they brush aside all beliefs in God as being equally superstitious and thus unworthy of their pursuit? My conclusion is this: Their superstitious nature makes them fearful of an honest search one that will show them the one and only true God. They are afraid of the truth and how it will affect the rest of their lives.


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