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I was searching the web and came across this site: www.spiralscouts.org , of a group starting an alternative to the BSA. I have seen in other posts in these forums that there should be a place for people to go if they want an alternative to the BSA.

They also have give some links to articles that have been written about them ( for example: http://www.spiralscouts.org/articles.php?art_id=6&when=0 )

The SpiralScouts were started according to their site by Wiccans. They have been around for about two three years and I can't help but wonder why the BSA has not stepped in to ban the use of the word scout in their name as nationial has done with other groups in the past.


I hope for change in some of the BSA policies but I would never leave the BSA. I have just posted this only to give some infromation that I don't think the forum has seen.

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Have to admit that I visited their site with a closed mind.

It all seemed a bit far out.

This could be because I'm not a pagan. Even though as a teenager when I missed mass, my mother swore that I was.

Still it all seems very harmless to me.

As for the word Scout, I don't think the BSA,can do much about it. They are not in any way pretending to be Boy Scouts or making use of any of the Logos or badges of the BSA.

However there are others who do know a lot more about this then I do.

I wonder if I were to become a Druid and recruited a few more Druids, if we could be a charter partner of the BSA?

Where is the man of Steele when I need him?

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I am the female Circle Leader of a SpiralScouts Circle in Columbus, Ohio. I come from Girl Scout and BSA backgrounds, having been a Brownie, Junior, and an Explorer in my youth and a BSA Den Leader, Troop Leader, Cub Master and Committee Chair as an adult. I'm married to an Eagle Scout as well.


To my knowledge "Scouting" is a BSA copyrighted term. We do not use this word in the SpiralScouts organization. The word "scout" is one that can be used by anyone, since it is a part of our everyday language, and not a copyrighted term.


SpiralScouts International is experiencing rapid growth in our new organization. In just under 3 years, we have chartered over 60 Circles here in the USA and more in Canada. Memebership in our Circles is open to boys and girls ages 3 thru 17. We do not discriminate or limit membership in anyway. Although founded by a Wiccan organization, membership is open to anyone. You do not have to belong to one belief system or another to become member.


Earth stewardship is our primary focus. If you have done your homework on Paganism, you will find that Pagans live in harmony with the Earth, have respect for all living things and live by Karmic Law. (What goes around, comes around). We do not teach relgion to our SpiralScouts--teaching relgion is the responsiblity of the parents-- but we do teach good citizenship, woodland lore and Earth-friendly habits, like most other scout organizations.


One reason SpiralScouts International was started is because the BSA will not recognize Paganism as a formal religion. Pagans, including Wiccans, Druids, Asatru, and others, can not earn a relgious medal. Another reason is, of course, the discrimination shown by the BSA to homosexuals. Most SpiralScouts parent's are not in agreement with BSA policy and found us as a result of seeking alternative programs for their children.


All scout organizations serve a similar purpose-- To provide a positive, wholesome and educational youth experience for children and adults. Parents make choices for their children based on their needs, personal beliefs and interests. We all exist because there is a need.


I would be happy to anwser questions anyone may have regarding SpiralScouts International.


Blessed Be!


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Thank you neicie for your input. In earlier discussions in this forum about Spiral Scouts the consensus was that BSA could not prevent the use of the word "scouts". I personally was not aware that the word "scouting" was controlled by BSA, although that is plausible. While I personally agree with BSA's policies, I wish your organization luck.

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Earmonn -- I know a few Druids you can contact. Actually, they are Reformed Druids. Their branch (get it? "branch") is allowed to worship bushes, not just trees.


Thank you, thank you, we'll be here all weekend. And remember to tip your waitress.

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Man of Steele is here, Eamonn.


Actually, I know of no national prohibition to chartering units to druids or any other pagan organization as long as the organization agrees to uphold the policies of the Boy Scouts of America and the local council agrees to approve the charter application.


I don't know anything about the spiral scouts and did appreciate learning more about it in the post from it's member on this thread. It sounds like the problem is a disagreement over the membership standards of the BSA and not a BSA policy of not accepting Wiccans.


There is no religious award, most probably because there's no national organization of Wiccans. The other religious awards are backed by the respective churches, and only used by the BSA. Look at P.R.A.Y's website for more information.


In a related real-life example, I once was part of organizing a pack and troop chartered to the Saginaw-Chippewa Tribe on the reservation. They're number one concern was that we were going to try to push Christianity on them. They worship earth and spirits. Completely acceptable. The BSA has several workshops each year on Native American Scouting.


Having said that, Eamonn -- I don't know how long the BSA would maintain your registration if you began sacrificing small animals to ward off rain at the camporee :) But we would probably say nothing of you gathering mistletoe by the light of a full moon with a sickle. We'd be asleep and wouldn't care. Unless you wanted to kiss us under it . . . :)



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Actually DS there is a national Wiccan movement and they did present a religious award to the BSA. It was not approved for uniform wear and Wiccans have been restricted from being Chartering Organizations because they refused to accept and abide by the national BSA membership policies.


On the flip side adult and youth members who site Wiccan as their religion may join scouting.


Bob White(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Thanks for the info. I was only going off someone's quote from Gregg Shields in another thread. I wasn't aware that there's a national organization of Wiccans. But please not that in my thread, them chartering a unit was contingent on their agreeing to follow the policies of the BSA. It wouldn't matter if any organization refused to uphold those policies, they wouldn't be a chartered partner. It doesn't matter if they worship God, a Supreme Being, or a ham sandwich. If they don't want to abide by BSA policies, there's no BSA charter.


I think we agree.



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Twocubdad, think your "reformed" Druids are barking (get it BARK-ing) up the wrong tree.

Hardcore Druids are very deep rooted.

Think the idea of sitting around banging a drum trying to get in touch with my inner tribal instincts, would add a lot of diversity to our local Scouting.

Knowing my luck, if I was to start picking flowers at night, I would end up with a big bunch of poison ivy, and while I might get in touch with something, it wouldn't be my tribal instincts!!

Who is the guy on MTV, that bite the head off a bat? Now he looks like he could be the charter rep for a druid unit.

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I guess this morning you should call me Old Grumpy Eagle, but I think we established that Wiccan was a religion that BSA recognized as a belief system that fulfilled the religious principles part of BSA. And while I dont understand Wiccan, I also dont understand Hinduism, Buddism and Islam, but I dont get on a forum and make fun of their belief system either. neicie

posted here and said she was willing to answer questions about Wiccan and all we can do is post jokes and insults. I wonder what her view of Boy Scout leaders is after this display of acceptance?


neicie, not all Boy Scout leaders make fun of what they dont understand, I would like to learn more

(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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Gee Guys I hope no one looking for more information on Boy scouts is reading this thread. I don't think making fun of a religion ( yes Wicca is a religion) that you don't understand is keeping with the scout law.


Shouldn't we be teaching the boys to respect others and their beliefs regardless of how we feel? I was under the impression that this forum was for asking questions and getting answers and help with scouting Not making fun of other people and their religons. People who make fun of what they don't understand are why we have hate crimes.


Do we really want to teach our scouts that its ok to make fun of what we don't understand or what we perceive as different or wierd???

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