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In May I sent out invitations to my beading to my fellow critters. All my patrolmates acknowledged getting it.

My beading is Saturday.

NONE of my patrolmates are going to be there (one is going to try, but his unit is going out of town that day, and I understand that the unit comes first, I support that). It's just highly disappointing.


Thanks for letting me vent.


I used to be an EAGLE

NCAC 82-89


Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle


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Yah, Huntr. Tough time of year, eh? Lots of families on vacation and such, and a lot of high adventure unit trips goin' on too.


Don't take it personally. We do all of this for da kids eh? Those who do good and seek recognition have already earned their reward; those who do good works in private where only their Father can see earn their reward in Heaven. ;)


Congrats on your beads. I'm sure da other Eagles soarin' about will chime in, too, eh?



and a good ol' Beavah too...(This message has been edited by Beavah)

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I want them there because to me, my making it thru the course is partly because of the great group of patrolmates I have. Not because I want them clapping for me. Believe me, had I been in some of the other patrols from my course, I would not have made it thru the first day. It's all part of being part of a patrol. When they are awarded their beads, I will be there. It's not the public recognition that I want, it's the spirit of it to me. The only 2 people that I insist having at my beading are the 2 that have done the most for me in scouting. My father for being my leader (he's a good old beaver NCAC 82-50) and my wife for supporting me in my insanity called Scouting.

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At my ceremony I had 2 of my patrol show up. I felt that was a pretty decent show.


Some patrols end up being closer than others. Or it may be your timing just isn''t right for them.


Whatever the reason for them not being able to show, I would not harbor any bad feelings. If you are invited to attend one of their ceremonies, make your best effort to attend and don''t mention this at their ceremony. Be as courteous as you can.


My patrol did try to stay in touch for a while, but I have not heard from any of them for a couple years. I am not even certain whether they all received their beads. When I got my beads I sent out invitations to all my patrol members. I have not heard word from a few of them whether they even had a beading ceremony.


The important thing is you completed your ticket and got your beads. It''s nice when a patrol is very close, but it is not the most important part of your Wood Badge experience.


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