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Cub Scouts 2010 - NEW

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Thanks for the update. I cannot really comment as I have not used the FAST TRAX stuff, cannot seem to access it. However we did have a few leaders in my pack use it last year and the cubs didn't like it. I was advised to get older copies of PROGRAM HELPS and use them.

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Saw the vid, why do I have this gnawing in my gut this may be the equilvent for Cubs that 1972 was for Boy Scouts?

At least it's far enough off I can use the current books for the Webelos for the next year, maybe two.

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So it is still up to the (shudder) volunteer to make the program work.

Flag ceremony? Bobcat relay? Learn the CSP and LotP? Salute? Sign?


How is this different from the past material except it is MORE regimented?


Sounds like a market for the old Program Helps.


Still, MiF, KiS....


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For a new scouter, I really like the Fast Tracks Stuff, and can see how it will be a lot more helpful to new leaders than the Older stuff was. With the monthly Themes, There was no real way for a leader to know how to make sure everything gets covered in a year... And while they had some activities, they didn't really have a fully laid out plan for a den meeting.


(I know, for those with a couple of years of experience, that's not a problem... But I don't think that's representative of most volunteers, especially at the Cub level.


What I would like to see is a 5 year set of Themes, kind of the best of the program helps. 5 years would be enough to use, without any cubs repeating the same theme. Those themes could be used in addition to the Actual achievements from Fast Tracks / CS2010.


And Honestly, I'd bet that most Packs don't use the themes. The folks here are really not a representative sample of the volunteers from the Cub Scout packs nationwide... most volunteers aren't going out of their way to find content online (Or at Roundtables either) and i can Definitely see how this would be helpful, especially when trying to convince a new DL to volunteer.

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Our Pack has never followed themes; mostly because of it's size. At the request of our council we used FastTracks last year. The response from nearly all of our Den Leaders at the end of the year was.....To regimented...Not enough fun...The kids didn't like it. If this is the direction that national is going, I fear that Scouting is in trouble.

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Well I have my 2001 Leader Guide and somewhere the CubMaster gave me an older helps book, wish I could find a helps book geared to the 9 and 10 year olds, much of it seemed right for a 7 year old, and way too much arts and crafts. Our school system still has an art program so I will avoid duplacating that.

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I've used my own form of Fast Tracks since stating as a leader 4 years ago. It became very apparent very quickly to me as a new leader that if I didn't cover the material in Den it wasn't going to get done. No advancement, no boys. Boys want fun, parents want achievement/results not fridge art, parents will pick that show results.


I went to the PTC last year for Cub Scout Extravaganza and they gave us a heads up that these changes were coming. I used the Fast Tracks program last year for Bear and it worked just fine. I probably won't be using it this year with the Webelos I as there are so many local museums, science centers and parks that offer Webelos pins.


Anything can be fun! It's up to us as the leaders to make it fun. If we have a bad attitude about the program it rubs off to the kids.


One leader in my community centered her whole Bear year around poop. It was a subject her boys were into (gross, but it worked and she gained boys over the year!) They carved poop shapes for knife skills advancement, mixed colors together (add them all together you get poop brown not black), talked about dinouar poop (geology), hiked in the woods and looked for animal poop or puke, and so on.


A little creativity is all a leader really needs. Add in some proper prior planning and you've got a great Cub year. If you know the requirements you can substitute on the fly if your first activity flops. ex - switch from flag folding to fitness items if the boys are too wound up that night. You always need a plan A, B, C and for somethings a plan D.


Also remember that just because the format is laid out do this, that and the other thing in session one and 3 different things in session two doesn't mean you have to do it that way. If you need do to item 6e this week because it falls into your schedule now and not in 6 sessions when it's scheduled to occur, do it now. ex - Not every Tiger Den can visit the firehall in session 6 as directed, so skip session 6 go to 7 and go to the fire hall when it's good for you and the firefighters.


Unless you're part of a rigid trial/pilot group where you must follow the program letter for letter, then the program guides oar just that a guide. Use them, tweek them, throw them out - the choice is yours.


As for themes IMHO they were a waste of time. Our Pack didn't use them or follow them except for cheers at Pack meeting. They got in the way of what needed to be done. They were hokey at best and down right stupid at other times. I'm gad they're going the way of the dinosuars. Using the core values of Scouting is more relavent to the program.


The books and programs will change. If for nothing else to acknowledge the new belt loops and pins coming on line. The achievements will change some if Lions is brought to the mainstream too.


I glad the changes are coming. Too bad I'll be a Webelos II leader when it happens.

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I looked at Fast Tracks, and I was not impressed with it (still not). I have never used it.


What I do is sit my parents down and explain the family aspect of the program to them. I remind and encourage. We do some requirements and some electives in the den, but most are left to the family. We also have FUN!


Most (not necessarily all) of my boys earned their rank award every year.


I have never had a problem with retention. Even with the boys that did not earn their rank award.


Maybe because I never made them feel that receiving that bit of cloth was the most important thing ever.


It should be interesting to see if BSA really gets the numbers they are expecting from this.




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