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Troublebetween our Cubmaster and myself.

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OK boys and girls, gather round for the continuing saga of "Cub Scout Payton Place"


Eat you popcorn if you have it.


The Ass't Cubmaster was installed as Committee Chair. The first thing the CM did was to "tell him" how they were going to do things. The new CM went to the old CM (remember he is the one who was forced out). He said "This isn't how it's supposed to work, is it?" I think he's seen the light.


The new CC sent out a message to the Committee asking them to vote on bringing the Old CC back as the Recruitment Chair. I was sent a copy of the message. My only response was that things will not change until the CM understands how the Scouting Chain of Command works. He will continue to railroad the CC until someone stands up to him and explains the facts of life.


If anyone needs a diagram of the players let me know, I'm kinda confused myself.


I do not want to see people gang up on the CM. I don't particular like the way he is running the show but to backdoor him is not the correct way to do business.



Time to get ready for work. Stayed tuned for another chapter in

"As the Cub Scout Turns" :)



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Hey folks, before you start passing around the popcorn, better check out the latest news on "popcorn lung," a serious lung disorder brought about by inhaling the steam containing the flavoring chemical diecetyl when opening a bag of microwaved butter flavor popcorn.

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Yah, I think yeh need to add a little paragraph like the teasers on TV serials: "Previously on CubDrama..." Gettin' hard to keep track.


It's always a shame when adults try to make a drama out of a youth program.


Keep pluggin' in a courteous way.




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Mr Anderson,


You have three basic options:


- Do nothing, let yourself be steamrollered.


- Do something within the Pack as an agent of change. This may or may not be high energy working with the adults, diverting energy from the youth.


- Do something, such as taking your Den away from this Cubmaster. This is the only Pack in town? I know of very few towns over 2000 population which have only one Pack.


Good time on the range to you. Breathe, RELAX, aim and squeeze.

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WOW!!! This brings back memories. Sorry for arriving late to the party but I just found the thread.


I say we vote the CM off the island! J/K


standerson, the only advice I can give you is to keep your head regarding this, bear down and finish what you started with your scouts and remember who you started this journey for in the first place. As an Eagle Scout you know that the right thing to do is not allows the easy thing to do.


I know from experience that you want to tell this guy off in a big way, start a unit civil war and burn down the town on the way out, but in the end none of these things will make you feel any better and your scout''s certainly won''t win.


From someone who was in a very similar situtation, I promise the holes you bite into your to lit will heal over time and your Scouts will learn from you what true leadership is all about.


Good Luck and please remember to have fun leading your scouts!!!

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Standerson, Using the CC and the Committee in their proper way is no different than using the Command CPO and the Chain of command to rectify an improper use of authority on ship. It is not backdooring to use your Scouting chain of command.


If the CC is now seeing the light -buy him a cup of coffee, get a plan, go to the committee and take this Cubmaster in hand, or get him out of there. Or decide that you can live with it until cross over and rest assured that he will stay where he runs things by intimidation or will follow you as a compassionate and therefore easy mark to get his foothold in the next organization.


Domineering martinets will run over everyone until they get taken down, and the only way is to do it legitamately is through the COR with the Committee seeing the same picture as you.


Good luck!! Keep us informed. Fair winds and following seas.

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People are starting to plot and plan behind the CM''s back. As much as I don''t care for the guy, that isn''t the way to do things.


I am going to push my Web 2''s to have the requirements for AOL done soon. That way, if anything happens, they are done.

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Why has nobody mentioned the DE''s role in this?


Use the UC(if he exists), and the COR and the DE.


In the testosterone based world you are in the brain sometimes does not get top billing in the thought process. At least it did not always at Camp Lejeune in 1981.


You folks are very procedure oriented. All those orders that get written are to insure everyone''s job/billet and responsibilities get explained and outlined.


Figuring this guy to be an Army SNCO he should know what a chain of command is. He is not in a Cub Den''s chain of command. Generals do not command squads. This guy must be told to stick to his own knitting

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Having never served in the military, I don''t know much about that chain of command.

I do know that if the adults follow the job descriptions as they are laid out in the Cub Scout Leader Book, things tend to work and work well.

Unfortunately my copy is in garage and I''m too lazy to get it.

If standerson is the Webelos Scout Den Leader, his role is to lead that Den.

This isn''t rocket science.

What goes on at the Pack Management Committee has nothing to do with him.

What happens to the Cubmaster is none of his business.

If he is sending Pack related emails to people who are not in the Den or have nothing to do with the Den. He is over-stepping the mark.

If Mr Cubmaster is interfering with the Den he needs to be asked to leave.

But as far as the Pack Meetings and Pack Ceremonies go that really is up to the Cubmaster -Even if it does last 3 hours!!

It is up to the Cubmaster if the Crossover and AOL are done at a Pack meeting. Planning and running the Pack meetings are up the Cubmasters job.

Most packs in our area make this part of the B&G banquet program, but some have two separate ceremonies. The time to plan and talk about this is at the Annual Planning Meeting.

One way to avoid all this silliness and so called drama is for everyone to just do their job.



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Eamonn; Wish I lived in the perfect world you do. There are dynamics in this pack (military) that are not normally seen in other packs. You missed the point of the emails. Any emails he requries to go through him. Nothing was said of pack wide, your assumption.


I told the CM to stay out of my meetings. If he wants to be Web 2 Leader, let me know. I have made arraingements to go to another Pack.


I have washed my hands of the matter. Leaders and Committee members have come to me asking for help. I told them they need to deal with the CM or CC, not me. I will get my boys to their AOL in about two months.


AOL Ceremony; Sorry, I''m planning this one. In the past it''s been a "Here''s your AOL, nice job, next!" I want this to be something the boys remember.


If things don''t change, this Pack will not be around to re-charter.






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Carry on, at the end of the day you can really only take care of your own. Get your boys their AoL.


It''s great when you can fix the greater whole, but it is amazing that when you were fighting the fight on your own no one saw the light. And now that the other Asst. CM has become CC he wants the help. Can you at least point him in the direction the forum is indicating about getting help from the Unit Commissioner and possibly the Base Youth activities folks.


Believe me I get the rank implications but how does this guy impact you? And how does his concept of all e-mails will go through him apply? Unless you are using a .mil server it would be an unlawful order in the military and if you are a civilian or civilian employee on base he would have no standing to make such a decree.

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