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  1. I guess we should be thankful that we are ahead of the "curve" as we have both of our Troop's Leaders selected, the two Troops are full (all online registrations done and approved, deposits paid, etc..) and we have about 6 alternates already. We have already had our orientation meeting a couple of weeks ago with the Scouts & parents for those selected and have them started on a payment plan to make the cost easier to handle. Trust me this is a major feat for the council as in 2005 we where picking up scouts from other states at the last minute to fill slots. I think our new coun
  2. Onehour, My Prayers go out to you, your family and your community. I hope you all weathered the storm O.K. and that life will return to normal as soon as possible for you. I think your explanation of the whole event being surreal is an accurate one. We live about 5 miles from the coast here in Corpus Christi and had to go thru the process of collecting the valuables we could carry in the car on Tuesday and Wednesday when the storm was projected to hit here in preparation for the evacuation. Needless to say it was a very emotional experience trying to cram as much stuff as possi
  3. I have the one that Troop_dad posted the order form for but instead of the name on the side it has my Eagle Scout year. Mine was a gift from my Pack leaders & parents when I stepped down as Cubmaster to cross-over to a troop. Dang, I hope they did not spend that much for it!!
  4. t4eagle137, I have to agree that the open house approach will probably not give you the results you are looking for but I wont go into the numbers on retention and the like as I think that has been covered pretty well here already. The only numbers I will give you are 300% & 18. The two numbers I listed above represent our troops increase in youth membership (300%, 12 to 40 scouts) and the time frame in which that increase occurred (18 months). That increase in membership comes from two recruiting efforts: The first is our Scouts Teaching Scouts program which is a struc
  5. I have no ideal what my troop parents do while we are away to camp? I know the Scoutmasters wife (aka my boss) really seems happy when we leave though. I know she and some other mothers get together a lot and go out to dinner, shop and what ever else they do. Our troop has two sessions of camp every year for our scouts, one of which is designed for the experienced Scouts (out of Council) and the other for our first years and less experienced campers (in Council) although both are open to all our scouts. Every year we have a parents orientation meeting in May where we go over some of
  6. svendzoid, I do not want to offend you in any way or squash your enthusiasm but I suspect that if you did manage to get on the CEB that you would not be "welcomed with open arms" by the current members. Maybe I'm speaking from my own personal experience with my local council's board and the way they operate but they appear to be an "ol boys club". Just last month I was asked by our new SE to sit in on a popcorn "steering committee" to brain storm how we could continue the sales increases we have been lucky enough to have over the last several years. My invitation was extended as I wa
  7. ManyHats, Tell your husband to stop worring about it. Yes, in my neck of the woods we have leaders with a chest full of knots but I promise that doesn't mean they are better leaders than those of us out in trenches. I hate to say that because adult leader reconition is important but around here some of these guys are refered to as "Man Scouts". These are guys that jump into jobs, earn the award and move to the next job, whatever it is to start working on their next knot. I have to confess that I have been presented several "knots" myself and many more I refused to sign the pap
  8. DugDirt, I completely agree with you that the FOS campain needs to be more wide spread and not just directed at the current membership which it does in most Councils I know about. Most FOS campains that I have seen have serval phases where they target a specific market in each phase. The Unit presentations are almost always the last "market" they try to reach but it is also the only one most volunteers see. Let me also applogize for my "over the top" remark about "keeping your mouth shut". That was out of line and comes from 5 years of watching and fighting the effects to the progr
  9. DugDirt, If you are ashamed to hold an FOS presentation every year then DON'T DO IT!!! But please keep your mouth shut when your local camp is falling down around you, there is no staff to support you and your local programs are basically junk!! The BSA takes MONEY to operate just like any other buisness. What other organization can you join for $11 a year? Sure lets stop FOS and charge everyone $75 per quarter to be members, that should rid us of the nasty ole FOS. Downside is membership will also be null!! Please don't get me wrong, giving of your time is VERY VERY important a
  10. As the son of a professional, I can tell you that FOS is a critical part of the job for the DE's and meeting or not meeting their goals can have good or negative impact on their careers. That said, in our district the presentations are handled by volunteers and most of the time the DE's are not even there. I have had the "we don't want to hold the FOS presentation" discussion with my unit leader leaders every year for they last 5 years as Cubmaster and now as a Scoutmaster. Most of these unit leaders feel the same way as Gold Winger in that they already give a lot of time and
  11. Trevorum, So you don't believe that ACLU and other organizations by their actions of fighting the BSA in courts all over this country to have us removed from DOD installations, removed from schools that we too help pay for, taking our chartered sponsors to court to stop them from chartering BSA units is not trying to shut us down? Once a charter is lost, do you believe these organizations give a hoot if those kids find other units to join? The BSA and our chartered sponsors are spending tons of money each year to defend themselves from these "attacks" by those who disagree with our m
  12. Trevorum, Maybe the word "attack" is strong, but that is my belief. There are outside sources that wish for the BSA movement to either conform to their wishes regarding membership or they want us shut down. Thats is the simple truth as I see it. (This message has been edited by awesome1_in_cc)
  13. Merlyn, I could not agree with you more!! Since you see it as your right to membership based on the BSA receiving tax payer money for the program, then I agree we should work harder to procure private funding. Once we do that for councils nationwide, you will have no argument left. Sincerely, Awesome1_in_cc (This message has been edited by awesome1_in_cc)
  14. WOW!! I just stumbled on this thread and couldn't believe what I was reading. IMHO, Merlyn does have some valid points regarding how we get funding as an organization. We (the BSA organization as a whole) have to be above board and honest in our dealings, otherwise it undermines the whole organization as what we stand for. I'm sure we all know that: A) The BSA is a "private" organization who has the right to set its own membership requirements. B) As a result of point A, we really should have no dilutions of getting funding from State or Federal sources but will need to rely u
  15. Knight, Great story!! As unit leaders, moments like that seem few and far between but are none the less sweet. It just goes to show what kind of impact we unit leaders can have (both good and bad)on these young men's life.
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